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  1. just check the sensors , they are wired right , Ov is present at the right pin and 5v also ( 4,95V) . I check at the ecu pin , I use AN volt 4 and 5 for my pressure sensors , I have approx 0,2 volts at the pin but PC link show me zero , even when the fuel pump is on , i didn't start the engine yet just left the ignition on , I prefer test all my sensor before cranck the engine.
  2. thanks , i will check that , I hope they are not Chinese copy , they came from a Link dealer in UK.
  3. hello guys, try to have my Link ( variohm) pressure sensors data , oil pressure and fuel pressure with the link , but when I use the sensor brand in the list ( 150PSI TI sensor ) the reading is zero . if I try another brand the data are wrong but it don't show zero , can I have some help for my sensor calibration , don't found calibration table anywhere for the Link sensor.
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