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  1. Well guys that's the car running thanks so much Simon and Adam for the help much appreciated it must of been the sync pulse 1 all along that was giving me the issues thanks again Jamie
  2. Hi Simon I'll get to the car later on today and let you know
  3. I've done a few crank's here's a couple of them fingers crossed they look okay Log 21-06-19 3;40;05 pm 4.llg Log 21-06-19 3;41;58 pm 1.llg
  4. Hi adam unfortunately i dont have access to g4+ or oscilloscope ive been out to the car tonight and cranked it over with the run time screen up and trigger 1 and 2 both say yes with no error count copy of the map in the car celica gt4 1000cc map.pcl
  5. Am using the 1zz coils and to my knowledge they dont need a igniter so theres a definite fault with the trigger system and can look more at that I'll put new screened wiring to the distributor. I've got the sheilded part of the distributor wire going to the sheilded ground on ECU tied in with g- and other sensor grounds the sheilded wire is only tied in at ECU side is this correct ? Thanks Jamie
  6. Hi Simon When the sync mode was set at cam level I didnt get any error count with coils on I've also tried it with the coils off on pulse 1 and no errors I've read on a post that on g4 when it's on cop the timing offset needs to be set to 360 advance for a 3s ? I'm still not having any luck with the timing being all over not staying in one spot could this be the original sheilded distributor wiring or maybe timing light Thanks Jamie
  7. hi adam still no luck with the sync at cam pulse 1 its still all over here a log of it cranking over Log 17-06-19 7;25;15 pm gt.llg
  8. I've turned the fuel off as I've been trying to get a reading from the crank to set the offset but it seem to be all over the place wont stay on one spot ? The car is on cop and using trigger 1 ne trigger 2 g2 and sheilded ground g- with no err count I'll change the sync to cam pulse 1 I've lowered the trig arming by 0.2 dosnt seem to make any difference the car did have g3 and timing was 10 degrees btdc and offset -5 but for some reason the timing light dosnt see it when the g4 is set the same The injectors have the correct dead times for the injectors 1050cc asnu it's set to sequential 4 ms but as I haven't had the car running so cant determine if the is correct Thank Jamie
  9. hi ive been trying to get this car running with no luck in need of help copy of the map celica gt4 1000cc map.pcl
  10. Hey I had it running fine before it was on g3 only thing that's different is the ECU and injectors
  11. Hi everyone I've recently put g4 in my celica gt4 and am having trouble getting it started I have 1000cc asnu injectors I've selected the Bosch injectors but the car just keeps popping and banging and wont fire up any help would be much appreciated thanks
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