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  1. EricLW

    Trgger mode

    Ok, thanks for you imformation.
  2. EricLW

    Trgger mode

    Hi Simon, thanks for you reply. Maybe i want to install the trigger whell on crank pully. So what trigger mode to be recommend without cam signal (single trigger)? Imposible to direct spark? Thanks.
  3. EricLW

    Trgger mode

    Hi, i have suzuki G13b single cam need install link G4+, this engine only have cam position sensor. What trigger mode for this trigger pattern. Thanks.
  4. EricLW

    Trigger Error

    Thanks Adamw, today i have try to set rpm lockout most stable now and no error counter now. Thanks for you help.
  5. EricLW

    Trigger Error

    Hi Adamw, its work perfect for direct coil after change the trigger mode. Thanks for you help. Now i have the vvt issue. Vvt Error counter error when the vvt lockout. Please help and thanks.
  6. EricLW

    Trigger Error

    Ok thanks for reply. Will try later. Hope can works. Thnaks
  7. EricLW

    Trigger Error

    This trigger 2 is with vvti, this trigger scope is cranking with no start. Hope can help. Thanks
  8. EricLW

    Trigger Error

    Now im using Honda K20 ignition coil.
  9. EricLW

    Trigger Error

    Hi, i having one of suzuki swift with M16A vvti engine and installed link g4 civic 95 plug in. I having the engine start issue after i convert to direct spark mode. No problem for running wasted spark mode. Im set base timing with timing light and locked trigger offset. But the result to no start directely on first cranking untill five time cranking it's run. Sometime is cranking untill 10 time. Can help to slove the problem?
  10. EricLW

    Lambda sensor

    Hi, what is this type and calibration mode for this NTK lambda sensor? May i know the wiring conection to link g4+ if i want read the AFR. This sensor have 4 pin and 2 white 1 black and 1 grey colour pin. Thanks
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