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  1. Hi adamw I have a question regarding launch control. i want to use launch control on the road So i fixed DI 1= is On/off Switch ,D1 3 = VVS My car is RSX 2002 Can you please give me good set for this Thanks
  2. Nadeerawick

    Knock Monitor

    Hi guys, I need some advice; I am about to purchase plex V2 knock monitor I would like to know any commits using a knock monitor (advantage and disadvantage) and any good knock monitors rather than use Plex V2? if I use knock monitor will it show accurate? and is it limited to the permanence? Thanks Nad
  3. Nadeerawick

    K20 Base Map

    Thanks a lot CJ
  4. Nadeerawick

    K20 Base Map

    HI friends, Am Looking for a K20 base Map. Hope someone can help me. Thanks and regards
  5. Hi Cj and Adamn, I've learned something today. Thanks a lot guys. good luck Cheers
  6. Yea i will check the engine number and let you know bro. Right now am running on Traditional mode. but still couldn't find, where i can change the Injector size (310cc or 270cc) and even i cannot change battary Volt (axis
  7. Hi Cj, Bro I know its Only below information of my car Modal 2003 Engine K20 Stock RSX base Model i have got some information from K manager software. please see screenshot below K20 RSX type S is 310cc injector but am confused right now.
  8. Hi there, I'M running K20 injector, i think its 270cc. i want to change the injector dead timing and flow rate and about to change the battery Volt am not able to change Axis setup. could you please help me to sorted out this and please share with me injector dead timing and flow rate Thanks Guys, Cheers
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