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  1. Legend! Thanks mate
  2. Hey Adam, I changed the master fuel to 15ms and it started straight up! The timing was set at 10 degrees BTDC after I performed the trigger calibration. I have attached the map, it is the base map for an R33 gts. Still don't know what could be causing the ECT fault, any ideas on that? map.pclr
  3. Just installed G4+ GTRLINK and wired up to rb25/30. The car will not start. I have followed the set up procedure in the G4 manual. Have calibrated MAP sensor, TPS, selected correct IAT sensor and calibrated the trigger. Currently have a fault with the ECT sensor, the voltage to the sensor is extremely low 0.01V. I have got the standard bosch NTC sensor selected, as it is just a stock sensor (brand new). The ECU reads 66 degrees when the sensor is unplugged and when plugged in reads straight to 100 degrees even though the car is cold. This brings on ECU fault code 44 for low voltage. I have checked the continuity in the ECT wire to pin 28 at the ecu and checks ok. Checked continuity in ground wire is ok. I have also removed the wire to pin 57 incase there was a short on the 5V circuit. Not sure where to go from here. I have tried to start the car and had no luck. I have attached the log file and screenshot. Car cranks over fine and looks like the trigger signal is working. I have checked spark, fuel and compression, all seem fine. Reduced the master fuel to 5ms because I am running 550cc injectors and also turned off pre-crank prime as I can smell fuel coming out the exhaust. Any help to get this going will be greatly appreciated. log1.llg
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