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  1. I'm seeing now why that limit is there... 500hz max frequency. Is there an internal fuse for the +5v supply? I just got my unit in and I don't like how the +5v wire is split to go to different sensors right near the ECU connector. Unless there is an internal fuse, then that would be alright.
  2. Also a comment... I am configuring a turbo speed sensor for a Borg warner EFR. Per the manual - The divider for the EFR sensor is 8 That gives me 6000 * 14 Teeth / 8 = 10,500 PCLink is telling me the max value is 10,000. The limit close enough for my sensor, but doesn't make a lot of sense.
  3. I have been reading that Virtual Aux can be stacked to gain additional conditions. I am planning to have multiple levels of engine safety and I believe I will need to stack multiple Virtual Aux. However, when I am going through the available switch conditions, I only see Virtual Aux 1 as an option. I believe I will need at least one more Virtual Aux to be selectable as a switch condition. Am I missing something here or is only the first Virtual Aux meant to be stacked? Thanks CJ
  4. How long will the battery on that tablet last in sleep mode? It would be nice if you could wake it from sleep and have PCLink already running.
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