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  1. Thanks guys, I will measure resistance on the canbus CJ
  2. Hi, I have the Link Mini+ plug and play ECU for an R53 mini cooper S and the link can-lambda. I am about to install this into my mini but I don't know if I have to add an terminating resistor to the can-lambda wiring harness. Because I will be adding the Link MXS Strada Dash at a later date. So I am trying to work out to make the harness. I know that the ECU has an internal terminating resistor. So do I add a terminatiing resistor with the can-lambda harness or do I add it the the Link Strada Dash harness that I will make up for when I add this to the R53 Mini. Any help with this woud be great. Thanks P.S. I know the Mini OEM can bus has a lot of stuff on it. e.g. Wheel speed sensors, Handbrake & Seatbelt on, Headlights, Aircon, Steering rate / wheel position and Bonnet open.
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