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  1. ok and is the setting in the picture of the ecu setup correct for doing this set item as fuel pump?
  2. if i use aux 2 to activate the relay do i connect the wire to the - side or the relay and the positive side (switch) to 12 v or does the aux 2 output 12 v to switch the relay on?
  3. Just use these settings?
  4. so just to be clear if i use aux1 to go to the (Nzefi speed controller) then just leave aux 2 unused or can i use aux 2 to trigger the relay switch through a new rely if i decide not to use the factory one? 527135255_FuelPumpSpeedControlonG4Rev1.1.pdf
  5. So the factory one doesn’t actually use pwm?
  6. would i leave FPCM1 (aux 2) connected if i i cut FPCM2 (aux 1) ? btw.. why does it have 2 fpcm on the factory module?
  7. Or would i need to use both aux 1 and aux 2? one for speed and one for the trigger to switch on the relay to feed direct battery voltage to the fuel pump module? and would i need to splice into the side of the loom before the factory module of one of the wires already in the boot running to the factory fuel pump? Cheers for the help Fuel Pump Speed Control on G4+ Rev1.1.pdf
  8. Oh ok so i can just tap off the factory pump trigger wire ?
  9. This reply from nzefi Hi Chris, For fuel pump speed control, you need to use a spare auxiliary output that supports GP PWM. These are AUX-1 through to AUX-8 only, which are on the ECU header connector on a GTR plug-in. Therefore, fuel pump speed control will not work through either of the expansion connectors on a GTR plug-in. So what does this mean?
  10. HI Guys Is there any way to run a fuel pump pwm such as this? https://www.nzefi.com/new-product-fuel-pump-pwm-speed-controller/ with the above ecu? if not ..what other options are there? cheers!
  11. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    Do u have a picture of how u wired in the resistor?
  12. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    So it needs to be done then? chant be just connected as is?
  13. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    thanks for that .. my other question is ..i understand the CAN Lambda Module has no internal resistor so if i connect it alone to the ecu thus it being the end device on the line how do i get a resistor on it?
  14. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    So for easy installation I can use a Haltech Can hub ,plug directly into my link plug and play G4+Ecu and then used haltech CAN devices?
  15. U get this sorted Blake?
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