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  1. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    Do u have a picture of how u wired in the resistor?
  2. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    So it needs to be done then? chant be just connected as is?
  3. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    thanks for that .. my other question is ..i understand the CAN Lambda Module has no internal resistor so if i connect it alone to the ecu thus it being the end device on the line how do i get a resistor on it?
  4. boomtheroom

    CAN Hub

    So for easy installation I can use a Haltech Can hub ,plug directly into my link plug and play G4+Ecu and then used haltech CAN devices?
  5. U get this sorted Blake?
  6. boomtheroom

    plug in g4+

    ok so im not gonna do my build for probably 3 years.. so if i got a ecu now it would sit there till then... do u think it would be worth waiting to see if a new model comes out or will the g4+ be just built upon for the foreseeable future?
  7. boomtheroom

    plug in g4+

    excuse my stupidity ... but is there any way the factory ecu settings can be downloaded then reloaded onto the link so that direct replacement can be made? and then adjustment made later when extra components ,etc are added?
  8. boomtheroom

    plug in g4+

    for the r32gtr ecu plugin does it run all the factory sensors like the original ecu? or do these need to be installed into the new ecu separately ?
  9. boomtheroom

    ecu update

    Are there an plans to upgrade the G4+ ecu as n hardware wise? or it the hardware going to remain the same for the foreseeable future and just software updates?
  10. boomtheroom

    gauge plans?

    any plans in future for a gauge like this?
  11. boomtheroom

    why Link?

    Going to be Doing up my r32 gtr over next few years Bigger fuel pump,injectors ,turbo, forged pistons.....etc and aiming for around 7-800 hp a the end of it all why would i get a Link G4 instead of a haltech etc is there a particular reason? or is it just the tuner available that my decision should be based on?
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