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  1. Hi Simon finally i manage to login. thankyou here is my full map, but I think the problem is in the ignition table?! And if it wrong! can i do changes to the incorrect cells without going back to the dyno?! thanks ALTIMA 25092019.pcl
  2. Any chance to get some help?? Or maybe I have post it in engine tuning page?
  3. Amer A Hbahbeh

    Antilag help

    Hello dears I'm still not sure if my settings are correct anti-lag working almost fine, but it starts to kicking and bangs after it pass 5000rpm And I want it to start immediately When I left the throttle any help note : I followed each step in the help file
  4. hello guys i'm just wondering if any one can check my log, my car start cutting on the 2nd gear like spark failure or not enough fuel and this happened after 5min drifting i check the log but everything it seems ok in the attach is my log when it happen the engine is 1jz.vvti is not tuned,stock injectors,audi coil pack thanks Prob.llg
  5. Hello Simon Sorry for being late, Sure. Thanks Mate. altima map 2.pcl
  6. Hello Guys Im wiring my 1jz vvti on G4 storm Ecu im using 1 injector drive for each 3 injectors,for example, inj drive1=inj1,2,3 and inj drive 2 = inj 4,5,6 so what mode do i chose for this setup on the pclink Thanks
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