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  1. OSF2004

    Weird firing order

    Thank U somuch for the input. I think i will set up it right than.. Thank you so much guys
  2. OSF2004

    Weird firing order

    owww.. that's right.. i thought that is no firing order setup. I just find out, there is in the configuration set up.. Thank U so much. Since the engine already working just fine.. is it ok if i just leave it like this?
  3. OSF2004

    Weird firing order

    Dear Sir LAtely i have problem hooking my G4+ civic 92 to COP everytime i try to start cranking the engine.. always back fire Sounds like wrong firing order. Than i tried to find it the firing order. and the result is A10 for cylinder no 2 A14 for cylinder no 4 A18 for cylinder no 1 A21 for cylinder no 3 the engine start normal, idle normal, the power Good.. Is it ok if leave it just like this? I'm affraid for the long run there will be a problem.. Please advice Best Regards William K OSF
  4. Hi I need help to setup the speed reeding in realdash android In the realdash.. The speedometer didn't work.. and the gear indicator didn't show anthing.. But rest of the gauge is working Please advice Best Regards William K
  5. Thank U Simon.. sorry for silly question... Problem solve
  6. do i have to set up non driven wheel speed source ?
  7. Hi I have a problem disarm my 2D LAunch RPM. I have set up my Launch and it wont disarm. is it some setup do i miss ? here its my set up. I have check my vehicle speed sensor at Di 4 is working acurately. Please advice William
  8. Hi do i have setup the trigger calibration for my link? i did try to calibaret for the initial setup. but there is nothing change.. anything i should do before the calibrate? thanks Before william OSF
  9. OSF2004

    ECU Unlock fails

    awsome.. its working... Thanks for the assist.. and also try the real dash.. its working also... Thank U Adam
  10. OSF2004

    ECU Unlock fails

    Thanks for your advice.. will try
  11. OSF2004

    ECU Unlock fails

    here is the message i got
  12. OSF2004

    ECU Unlock fails

    Hi Sir I just bought my Civic92 G4+ Same here i cant unlock here its the serial Number : 51268 The seller in malaysia give me this NUmber " e78e888bbf235467 " Please advice Best regrad William
  13. Thanks Simon Best Regards WIlliam OSF
  14. Hi i have a little question i just Bought G4 HC92+. Can I Hook the "white wire" (output 0-5 volt) from AEM Uego wideband to Pin D14 (oxygen sensor signal) directly ? Best Regards William
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