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  1. Just back from Spec dyno in ChCh.... ecu working well, on 98 octane saw 292rwhp at 9610rpm on 6lbs boost. Sadly the stock clutch waved the white flag when E85 was added.... Thanks to the guys at Link for great support.
  2. Problem solved by upgrading to the new G4X ecu. It uses some different software to analyse the trigger signals. Thanks very much to Adam, Mike and the guys at Link for the great support.
  3. Hi Greg, thanks for the suggestion. in that capture, the fuel was off, so I don't think adjusting the timing would have much effect. I guess the kawasaki starter motor is not up to the task, a set of 9:1 pistons might help! I have been getting excellent support from Link, hopefully a solution will be found shortly.
  4. Hi Greg, plugs were firing. The cables are much bigger than stock now.
  5. Attached some scope shots. Problem becoming apparent, first one shows crank with plugs out, second one plugs in on bike battery, third one show crank with car battery. Any ideas how to make this work?
  6. I'll attack it tomorrow, if I'd known I'd have this much trouble, I would have bought the model with the trigger scope..... Thanks, for the help. The link is replacing a power commander with ignition module and auto tune unit plus separate boost controller. I thought it would be easy.
  7. I tried using a car battery to start this motor... still seeing many trigger errors when the plugs are in, none when they are out. Are the trigger errors because the cranking rpm is not constant ( slowing on compression strokes) or do you think they are from some other issue?
  8. 7ishnz

    AEM x-series wiring

    Quick question on the AEM x series 30-0300 wideband... I assume that now the 0-5v output has it's own ground wire, it should be connected to sensor gnd? Thanks.
  9. Not solved... I'm wondering if low battery voltage could be the issue... I have attached 2 logs... one with the plugs out ( sparkplugs firing) and one start attempt. When the plugs are in I get plenty of trigger errors... none when they are out. Can you offer any suggestions? Log 2020-04-26 plugs out.llg Log 2020-04-28 plugs in.llg
  10. Solved... thanks for the assistance .
  11. I’ll try those numbers. The reduction in amplitude was as the engine was slowing after I released the start button... Thanks.
  12. So I have attached a scope of the triggers with the fuel pump running... I did change the earth on the fuel pump before I did this test... haven't tried to start it yet, but it looks OK to me. Can you give me an idea of what trigger threshold voltages I should be using? I often see an evenly spaced rpm spike when cranking... probably from the cam trigger? Scope scale is 1v per division.. I am using 0.6, 1.2 v for the first two threshold settings for both triggers. Thanks
  13. Still having trouble with this install... I can get a reasonable rpm cranking trace when the fuel pump fuse is out, with the fuel pump running, it all goes to hell. Could the low battery voltage be part of the problem? I have wired the fuel pump as per the link wiring instructions. Logs attached... Could you give me some ideas where my issues may be? Thanks. Fuelpumpoff.llg Fuelpumpon.llg
  14. Solved.. bad earth was the issue. Crank log attached... Thanks. crank4.llg
  15. I think I have traced the problem to a poor earth between the battery and block. Will test again shortly.
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