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    Timer question

    Thank you. My software doesn't have a "reset on On/Off edge" choice .... I only have reset on or reset off. Which should I use?
  2. 7ishnz

    Timer question

    I would like to use a timer to control a turbo oil scavenge pump through a relay on Aux 3. It needs to switch on after engine start, and the cycle 30sec on, 30sc off till the engine is stopped. How can this be done? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Greg. I have purchased the 4 channel ignition module... didn't know the link wouldn't work with the stock coils! Bosch 044 fuel pump with Tomei fpr. I will look at changing the injectors to ID 650 units...only planning on 6 psi max boost. I will study your map...Cheers.
  4. Hi Greg, thanks for the reply. I have the stock kawasaki coil-on-plug setup. Stock 330cc injectors ( I think). Can't run the engine with the timing cover removed as it is a wet area and I'll get 4 ltrs of oil sprayed around the shed.... Not sure how I am going to sort that out. Do you know if I can use one of the timers to run the turbo oil scavenge pump through an Aux output? I need it to run 30secs, off 30 secs then repeat only when the engine is running... Thanks.
  5. Hi Greg, Thanks for the info. If you could send me something to get started with, it would be appreciated. There is no viewing port on the stator cover on my motor.
  6. I am using a monsoon ecu on a turbo zzr1400 and have a couple of questions about the setup. The motor has a 24-2 crank trigger and a cam trigger, both variable reluctance sensors. I have no way of checking the base timing as the trigger is internal. Any ideas how I can resolve this? The injectors are 330cc but I can’t find any data for them... how should I configure them? Does anyone have a base map I could use for basic fuel and ignition settings? Maybe from a hayabusa or similar? Thanks.
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