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  1. Sorry for the late reply, this was our first time using Link and we had an untested base tune we couldn't verify. I also appreciate all the help and the willingness to dive in. Turns out it was a simple trigger timing error. We foolishly didn't realize we could have a negative trigger offset and couldn't set the trigger greater than +360. After we had the mechanical timing reference sorted, it fired right up and we were able to go from there. Thanks for the spark diagnostic suggestion and the calibration correction on the coolant temp we made those changes and some others as well.
  2. We are attempting to startup a Toyota 3.5 2GR v6. We attached our config/setup settings as well as log data during crank. Some of the table values are random, but we are not sure if its the fuel/ignition tuning or a different issue such as sensor/trigger setup or similar. We started with a few different base maps config/tunings, but each either had errors in the setup or "tuned" for much larger 1000cc injectors. We are all stock (380cc injectors?) Any input would be appreciated! Thank you guys! Log 2019-07-7 logtest2.llg setup1.pclr
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