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  1. Hi @Adamw , thank you very much as usual really appreciate it. Just a clarification about the readings of the cam angle test. I've revved the engine above the lockout and then left the foot off the pedal, so the revs fell below the lockout providing those values. is that fine? or should I keep the revs above rpm lockout and get those readings? Which are higher by the way.... Another thing, the trigger calibration I have is different form the default settings for VQ35, hereafter: Default is -2 and 10, current mine is -1 and 15. Is this fine? Why is it different like this?
  2. I've run the "Cam Angle Test"...... in the table DI 1 - VVT Cam position, the Offset value is set to the default VQ35 value, 158.5° ATDC. the value reading from the test (lowest) is 160.6°. Did it also forTrigger 2 VVT referring to RH inlet... which is set to 42.6° but from cam angle test the value should be 43.6°. Question is, should I change-update both the Offsets values of Trigger 2 VVT and VVT Digital input?? Or just the Trigger 2 VVT? Is any other change needed on other triggers a/o Ignition timing? Thanks for your help guys...
  3. Hi @Adamw, one question about VVT inlet target. I did some pulls and logged the results. I found that the Inlet LH / RH cams positions are aligned between them BUT are NOT aligned with the VVT inlet target ..... I don't have cam positon errors whatsoever... If i do a time plot of LH/RH positioning compared to the target...it looks like the curves of LH/RH positions vs target are shifted and even when overlapped the target is not matched...is that even possible? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks. Log 2019-10-11 7;39;27 pm.zip
  4. Yeah clear. In case I will try to increase the intake cam advance like 4 -6 degree (where it is 0 @ 60-80MAP), is there any issue with valve to piston clearance?
  5. Hi Adamw, thanks for you reply! here the knock table set-up. The rpm high lockout is set to 7000rpm, but my rpm table limit is 6700rpm. Shall I decrease the lockout to 6600rpm? This is the knock threshold setting by the way: May I ask your opinion on these settings of VVT and Ign.Timing? How do they look like? I run a supercharger which push 0,86bar max @6700rpm (no catalityc converters) with 264/264 cams. About "spark duration" in Igniton Main Table, it is set to 1.5ms (by default) with "direct spark" mode. Since the default Dwell is 3ms but I run it around 3.6ms, shall i increase accordingly also the "spark duration" to for example 1.7ms? Or it doesn't really matter anyway being a "direct spark" system?
  6. About MAP/BAP.... My ecu is already tuned, therefore I did not run any further MAP calibration. The BAP reads around 97.6Kpa with ignition on and engine off. MAP reads 98Kpa (1.14V on AN9 analog input) .....they are quite aligned, is that ok? Thanks!
  7. Hi Adam thanks for reply and your advice. No i don't have any misfire so far. at least nothing logged into the ecu. Only event I have is "rpm limit"....which was not happening before, or at least I didn't notice since ecu statistics was reporting a max engine speed above rpm limit of 6700rpm. Now seems to be cutting around 6400/6500rpm from logs. Anything I can do? Attached my tune, would you be so kind to have a look? just for an advice in case of any.
  8. Anyone? Here the dwell setting I'm using with Okada coils. Attached the log I did. Only variation was the dwell (before was 3ms, as per stock 350z map dwell). All parameters are logged. Can someone check it and let me know? Log 2019-07-8 5;53;14 pm.llg
  9. Hi Adam, sorry to up an old 3D. I have the N350+ on my 350Z. My car is supercharged (built engine) running @0.83bar and I've already the tune done. I've seen the dwell time tune setting is between 3.9ms and 3.5ms @13/14v. Coils are stock ones. Now I have a set of Okada plasma direct to install. Do you know if any modification on dwell time is to be done? Maybe increasing a little bit around 4ms flat @13/14v?
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