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  1. Hi Adam thanks for reply and your advice. No i don't have any misfire so far. at least nothing logged into the ecu. Only event I have is "rpm limit"....which was not happening before, or at least I didn't notice since ecu statistics was reporting a max engine speed above rpm limit of 6700rpm. Now seems to be cutting around 6400/6500rpm from logs. Anything I can do? Attached my tune, would you be so kind to have a look? just for an advice in case of any.
  2. Anyone? Here the dwell setting I'm using with Okada coils. Attached the log I did. Only variation was the dwell (before was 3ms, as per stock 350z map dwell). All parameters are logged. Can someone check it and let me know? Log 2019-07-8 5;53;14 pm.llg
  3. Hi Adam, sorry to up an old 3D. I have the N350+ on my 350Z. My car is supercharged (built engine) running @0.83bar and I've already the tune done. I've seen the dwell time tune setting is between 3.9ms and 3.5ms @13/14v. Coils are stock ones. Now I have a set of Okada plasma direct to install. Do you know if any modification on dwell time is to be done? Maybe increasing a little bit around 4ms flat @13/14v?
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