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  1. JohnB

    Knock Audio

    Yes it is Adam.
  2. The link GTR plug in. Yes I thought so tho I thought I would check. Appreciate the feedback.
  3. JohnB

    Knock Audio

    Trying to listen to knock and no device is listed in the drop down list. When error message comes up it says "Select a new input on the properties page" I have tried looking everywhere but cannot seem to link them. Wireless headphones are already synced to laptop and are currently working well with turner nerd knock software. Cheers
  4. Hello everyone, Just finished tuning up my R32 GTR. Got everything dialed in though i need to upgrade the fuel system. Im moving to a high impedance injector, my question is do the setting's need to be change in the ecu software? I cannot seem to see any options like other brands. I will be bypassing the injector resistor found on the strut tower for the factory low impedance injectors. Thank you in advance
  5. JohnB

    RPM LIMIT bangs

    I believe you need to enable “hard cut”
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