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  1. Just a quick update. DI8 doesn't actually show up in any evolink documentation pinouts. Ended up wiring to DI7 for now.Insert other media
  2. Hello Adam, Thank you for the reply. DI 8 is currently predefined as the Clutch Switch, so it's a matter of switching it from Clutch Switch to Ethanol sensor once wired in? I guess I could just rewire the clutch switch to DI 9 to keep the functionality as well. Rajeeb
  3. Hello all, sorry for this post as I must be missing something very basic. I am setting up an EVOLINK 9+ and I am very confused to which Digital Input exactly this must be wired in. I have checked the wiring guide in the help and it just mentions to a DI but does not point to which one. Within PCLink Ethanol Sensor is predefined (but also does not point to any specific DI). If I want to manually set a DI (for example DI 9) I do not get the Ethanol Sensor as an option in the drop down list. If anyone could chime in and help. Thanks in advance.
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