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  1. Stock lambda is 3 wire. 12v power (I think its 12v and not 5. Should I check this or will it definitly be 12v?) and then 2 cables that come from the ecu, on the attached diagram they're numbers 19 (white, which appears to go into a black sheild ) and 111 (black with red stripe) I take it 19 is signal wire and 111 is sensor ground Im going to use the white as a pressure sensor signal and just use the black as ground for oil temp, oil pressure and fuel pressure and the brown for can lambda power. for my 2 pressure sensors I will take my 5v from a splice on the TP connector. Doe
  2. Is the temp sensor just a signal wire by itself or signal and ground too?
  3. Is it reccommended to use a separate relay dedicated to the can lambda then? Do i just use the current lambda 12v as signal to the relay or should I use main ecu power as signal to the relay?
  4. Massive help as per usual thanks mate! Its a Nissan s15 spec R JDM
  5. So I've currently got my ecu and engine bay harness out of my car which is running a link G4. Going to make a few modifications to it, I've never really played with engine wiring so not 100% sure I'm correct in what I'm thinking so just want to check Im going to put a Wideband 02 sensor in the exhaust instead instead of using the factory one. Is it possible to wire a bosch LSU 4.9 straight to the ecu instead of using a can lambda module or not? Im assuming I won't be able to do this and I'll have to use a can lambda? In that case, I will use the factory lambda 12v for the can lambda mod
  6. Awesome cheers buddy, I am going to use them then but I'll have to run new cables Anyways as they have to go a further distance so mayaswell put new ones in
  7. One last thing, could the oxy heater and signal now be used for something else... Say an oil pressure sensor? Or are those 2 ports on the ecu now totally redundant? Thanks!
  8. You guys are absolutely shit hot!!! Thanks alot for your help, that explained everything!!!
  9. Hi mate, thanks for that. You're right, The s15 link pinout shows: An Volt 1 as oxy signal, so repurpose this and use this as can H for the can lambda module. Aux 7 as the heater ground, so I would repurpose this as can L for the can lambda module. Cant see the 12v anywhere on the pinout specifically for the lambda sensor. Will this just be a common 12v that everything on the loom uses? Why would I have to cut them both at the ecu? Can these 2 inputs on the ecu not be configured to be used as a can H and L for the can lambda? Or would they now have to be wired into
  10. Hi guys, I have an s15 link Currently the link ecu is getting its lambda values from an Aem UEGO gauge with a bosh lsu 4.9 Via one of the inputs on the the expansion loom I intend to do away with this gauge and swap to a link can lambda straight to the ecu instead. My factory lambda sensor is still connected and working, but I've been told by my mapper its totally useless and for obvious reasons. So, my question is: Can the wires for the factory lambda sensor be used to wire in the link can lambda instead? Thanks!
  11. Have you got it so it turns itself on and off with ignition power?
  12. Noticed a few posts about This but most of them seem to be a bit old. with technology rapidly improving I thought I'd make a new thread Has anyone got the link software on a tablet in their car, which can charge and communicate at the same time, and also turn on and off with the ignition? I saw the pinned post about the "real dash" app. Looks great but doesn't have all the features im after unfortunatly and isnt as good as the link software of course. Much appreciated Adam
  13. Aseddon

    S15 plug in

    As said the an volt 4 channel on s15 link can be configured for the IAT, pics were helpful thanks: when doing the set up I keep getting the same menu but there is no selection for me to change sensor type. Will check the jumper And the 5v then and if no result will upload the file. Thanks
  14. Aseddon

    S15 plug in

    Got an s15 link and wired my IAT sensor to the blue and pink wires on the MAF. tried setting an volt 4 to the IAT but its not working? Pull-up resistor is on too. Anybody and idea what's up? Tried following the guide on IAT sensor selection but it still won't read properly. Could someone please walk me through exactly how to set the IAT onto channel anvolt4? Much appreciated Adam
  15. Ah! That's a surprise! Good to hear thanks mate
  16. You can only put the sensor in from above, but can only see where the put it from below... I was ontop of the lift and someone was under trying to guide me in and it dropped off the bolt and they never caught it lol One of the link ones mate
  17. Dropped my knock sensor twice from about 2m high the other day. Checked the resistance of it and its 4.7 mega ohm between the 2 terminals. Fairly sure that means it's goosed but can anyone confirm me please? Thanks
  18. More noob questions sorry, just don't want to do something wrong and destroy something I have an s15, the knock sensor loom from the ecu finishes next to the intake manifold, from that point its a sub harness to the sensor about 10 inches long, a 2 pin connector from the main harness with about 10 inches of wire on it. One signal wire and one sheild wire that sort of wraps around the signal wire (isn't terminated to the sensor, but is terminated into the connector at the main harness) The standard knock sensor is a single wire with a sheild wire, I understand the link one is a 2 wire wi
  19. Aseddon

    S15 plug in

    Wow that really is the best customer support I've ever received! Much appreciated! Adam
  20. So to wire an IAT sensor on an s15, you take 1 wire from the sensor ground and one wire to the An Temp 3 input? Is there no way that the factory MAF wiring can be utilised? Cheers mate
  21. Aseddon

    S15 plug in

    also sorry I should have mentioned this, im pretty sure my tuner said that 2 wires off of the MAF sensor (since its not used anymore) can be cut and connected to the IAT sensor and that will feed back to the ecu. is that the case or do I have to run 2 new wires for the IAT sensor to the ecu and connect them? this is what the help file says: The Inlet Temperature Sensor must be connected to the Sensor Ground (green) wire and an Analog Temp wire.
  22. Aseddon

    S15 plug in

    Hi Simon, I don't seem to be able to find any help information in the help files? Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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