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  1. Mazda3 trigger mode no work, still got many error. but the suzuki J20A trigger mode work with proper offset, now VVTi function correctly, thanks Adam and CJ
  2. when set VVT lockout RPM to 7000rpm no trigger error at all, engine run smooth. When set VVT lockout RPM to 1000rpm, trigger error just increasing non-stop, and the engine running no smooth.
  3. hi, engine can start with set trigger2 rising or trigger2 failing, please check the screenshot. Possible polarity of trigger2 (cam sensor) wrong connection? so the scope signal inverted? This engine got 2 type of cam sensors and i'm sure +12v & ground is correct connection or not. thanks for help
  4. unfortunately moonson didn't have trigger scope function, i'm use normal oscilloscope record the crank and cam signal. Cj, do you able to see the rising or failing edge?
  5. using M15A VVt with monsoon, can't record the trigger scope. Engine can start and running smooth, but the VVt no working because the trigger sync error I'm tried change trigger setup to swift VTC V1 or swift V2 VTC and trigger 2 VVT offset but still cant sync. How to check trigger signal rising or falling edge correct or not, when trigger scope is not available? sendtolog.pclr m15a.llg
  6. yes the overrun ignition trim working, but the status of overrun fuel cut show OFF all the time, is it normal? I'm not sure why the ECT cursor stuck in -30, but the idle rpm did follow the target idle rpm
  7. hi, i've problem with setting overrun fuel cut, it just no function at all, can someone check for me? runin0110 final11cl.pclr Log 2019-11-5 6;56;06 pm.llg
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