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    Is anyone using a canbus tire pressure monitoring system? Can you log it or set up an audible alarm?
  2. I know a guy that recently sold his car because the shop that tuned it, locked the ecu and he didn't want to ship it 1500 miles every time it needed a small tweak. Shop was holding him hostage on his own car. He wasn't technical and refused to be in that situation. I wish that as an owner I could set a master password that would override anything else on the ecu to negate this kind of stuff. This is my largest source of stress about getting my car tuned.
  3. 928sg

    sensor cross reference?

    Thanks Adam~! Yes I am using the old school Delphi MAP sensor with the green weatherpack connector.
  4. I'm looking at the myriad of sensors that I have, and after looking at the config for temp and pressure sensors, I wanted to know is there some cross reference table of temp and cal tables for pressure sensors? For instance for oil pressure and temp I'm using the bosch PST-1 combo sensor but I don't know what the selection would be on the config. I'm also using the AEM 100PSI sensor for fuel pressure. Factory water temp sensor for a Porsche 928, a factory trans temp sensor from a C5 Corvette Z06, and an Intake Air temp sensor from a late 90's Z28 LS1, and a GM 1 bar MAP sensor. How do I choose what the selection would be in the sensor config? I know where the individual sensor configs are, (analog temp) and that some of the pressure sensors use Cal tables
  5. 928sg

    Reverse Lockout Solenoid

    No vette here.... just the transmission. Thanks CJ. That is what I was planning.
  6. I'm using a trans from a 2002 Corvette C5 Z06 which has a reverse lockout solenoid on the trans. My plan is to use an Aux GP output with condition one being the DI speed input and set for under 5 MPH. Is this the recommended path?
  7. 928sg

    Wire type and sizes

    Thanks Adam ~! That's what I'm looking for.
  8. 928sg

    Wire type and sizes

    On the Link unterm’d harnesses, what type of wire and what sizes are used? I noticed that the power and ground wires are larger and was just curious about the specs.
  9. Thanks Adam ! I think I will avoid this steaming mess and figure out how to use both sensors.
  10. I'm still in the planning stage and spending alot of time in the schematics for the car. The factory ECU used a water temp sensor, and the factory dash used a separate temp sensor for the the water temp gauge. I found that the water temp shares an isolated ground with the oil pressure sensor as well as an outside air temp sensor all of which have an associated gauge or digital read out. My plan was to use one water temp sensor for the Link Thunder ECU and just run an output to the dash for the gauge. What is the collective thought on this? The car is a 1990 Porsche 928. The factory ecu used a Bosch temp sensor & the dash water temp sensor is a VDO sensor. I was hoping to consolidate to one sensor due to an ITB installation and not having room for the 2nd sensor.
  11. 928sg

    coolant temp output

    Richard thanks~! it is a Porsche 928. The water temp sensor and gauge sensor were really close to each other on a water bridge but the gauge sender was a vdo and the water temp for the ecu was bosch. I'd like to just use the one sensor, as my addition of ITB's blocked the other location.
  12. 928sg

    coolant temp output

    How does one setup a GP output for a temp gauge? I did a pretty comprehensive search here on the forums as well digging though the help file.
  13. Adam, Thanks~! The PWM GP outputs look like they should do the trick.
  14. Is it possible to simulate an output that would show injector pulse width? I’m looking for a digital dash output so my cluster can calculate fuel mileage. The factory dash takes into account the fuel in the tank, as well as the injector duty cycle to calculate miles remaining and MPG. I’m running a link Thunder with sequential injection and COP for a 8 cylinder. The factory ecu and dash are coded for 19lb injectors but if I could get the signal and modulate it to take into account my ID 725’s and dial it in.
  15. I printed those out as well. The spreadsheet is in addition to those pin out diagrams. I want to make sure I get it right the 1st time around. I liked the spread sheet as I can also add the central electrics panel info and share with other 928 owners.
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