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I've installed several old school Motec's in various cars, and boats. (M4, M48, M8)  I'm probably intermediate level on basic automotive/marine wiring, Advanced level on datacenter & converged infrastructure cabling and design.  Started with tractors and boat electronics as a kid, and got into car audio in my teens in the early 80's.  Spent some time in the ARMY working on generators.   Worked on everything from a pull start 1.5Kw to a 7.5kw turibine GPU for aircraft, (great for cooking hot dogs on the flight line) with the most interesting one being a PULL START 4 cylinder 3Kw, that I quickly converted to electric start against ARMY regulations.  Ever tried to pull start a 4 cylinder?

Building a bit of a franken beast.

1990 Porsche 928

6.5 liters NA

50mm ITB's

Converting from the factory dual distributor/coil to the VAG COP

C5 Corvette Z06 6 speed gearbox

I used to have it running with an old Motec M48 Pro, but it didn't have knock sensing, and ECU's have changed drastically, so I wanted to get to a newer ecu that provided me with better reliability, as well as a better selection of tuners locally.   The car has been off the road for the ITB's, new heads and billet cams.   The old harness was a bit dried out and if I had to make a new harness I may as well go with a new ecu.   I'm glad I went that route.


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