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  1. Apologies for the long time in between replying to you both! In actuality I have decoded a lot of the CAN bus messages and have a general understanding of the system at hand. Have the IDs and packets stored in my little black book So given that, it's thus technically possible and just needs programming in provided I know all needed IDs and their data packets? I'm already developing a CAN based system for other instrumentation and house keeping, hence why I've been looking into the IDs so that much isn't an issue for me.
  2. Hi there. I was looking into Link ECU's mainly as I saw one being used on a youtube channel (Bad Obsession) and their use of it seems ideal to me. I'm looking into options and prices of a long term build and wanted to see if the following could be done or was true to this unit. The car I'd be using is a Ford Mondeo ST220 3L V6 which would be turbocharged (not sure on boost targets yet). The goal for me is to make the ECU work seamlessly as possible, so this would mean using the existing CAN bus systems for ABS and the dials aswell. Essentially looking for the following: Needs
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