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  1. @Adamw thanks a lot for help me and waste your time for that... The oscillation in the frame 3:29 it's possible to control with more tuning on the Integral gain? From my experience, the Integral gain in PID setup help to control the oscillation , or i can reduce the Proportional ? And a question about the downshift blip in the sequential gearbox with gear lever load knob cell , this based with your experience, is better dab the clutch or i can do the downshift clutchless? I have read different thinks about this, many tuners do that and many gearbox brand don't allow that with a gear lever but only with paddle shift
  2. @Adamw Ok so i can be happy with my setup. I have another issue that bores me, i do a test with engine off and set 100% throttle target at 0% pedal for see if the throttle blade is flat horizontally. I found that is at 95% of throttle Body and it's ok. When in the throttle target table i set the idle value (3.5 %) the blade close, go below the target and next go high. So i say that in the normal use/race use is very impossible because the foot isn't fast as a number...but i'm happy if you can take a look at log attached at frame 3.13.400 Log 2020-04-30 7;51;04 pm.llg
  3. @Adamw, ok i have try with the wheels up off the ground and the downshift blip work! I have a little high error accumulator on E-throttle when i do the blip or i press very fast the throttle pedal.. I have work to the PID... The P from 8 to 6 and D from 60 to 50 don't show me any improvement, but i see with a little high I from 0.030 to 0.1 the error is very low i attach the log with the last throttle PID setting that show me a low number of error during the Blip .. this is a acceptable errore range? In the log i do 3 downshift.. Log 2020-04-27 2;00;38 pm downshift Ok.llg
  4. I have attached the calibration used for the log i have another log The car is at 0 speed, clutch pressed and in 2nd gear. I use the lever for downshift for see if the blip work @Adamw @Adamw in The log Test 2 at frame 2.18 can you see the issue, blip throttle, ISC CL go down to -3% and engine stall..
  5. @Adamw , my throttle body position (Tp Main) at idle is 3.8-4% and idle stable at 1300 rpm that is the target with 80°C coolant temp. I attach a log.. i need to go from e-throttle closed loop idle to open loop because i have a ISC CL trim strange when i do the blip...it work as trim very negative and the engine shut off because the throttle go to 0% @Adamw , i attach the calibration so you can see my setting need to be testing tomorrow
  6. In this time of Lockdown, i have go forward with a new improve to my race car. I done this, installing a E-throttle for do a downshift due to sequential gearbox with barrell position and loadcell knob. In the past year i have the Upshift gearbox cut and all work good after few initial trouble with setting and fine tuning. The E-throttle work very good and i setup very well, i need some fine tuning on E-throttle setting but is quite easy. In normal operation it's ok, but with a Blip to 20% i have a few count on Tp target error accumulator, i think it's the PID setting . I have used a Honda K20 E-throttle and the PID setting provided in G4+ Help manual but i think the P is too high , so i try to reduce them to 7 and do a new test. The other question is about the sequential gearbox control for the Downshift Blip. - I read in other post that for a true Overrun downshift blip , the better is to shut off the Overrun fuel cut in decelleration ..this is right? This because there isn't too much time to re-activate the fuel and do the blip..? - In the Gearbox control setting , the TP LOW LOCKOUT , need to be set to 0 for allow the Downshift blip ? Normally the Overrun downshift blip start with the Throttle to 0, so if i set the TP LOW LOCKOUT at value > than 0, the ecu allow only Upshift? Or this is a bug not fixed about this setting? - The DRIVE/OVERRUN TP, need also set to 0? I have do a few test with no load to the wheels and the downshift blip work only if i set this value to 0...The test was do in 2nd gear and downshift to 1st...if i set the DRIVE /OVERRUN TP at value > than 0, the throttle blip don't work.
  7. VtrSp1

    Internal logging issue

    This is the base map
  8. VtrSp1

    Internal logging issue

    I take a look at the runtime, the log memory isn't full but the internal log stop
  9. I have an issue with the internal logging....Often after the track session (15 min) , i try to download internal logging file and i see they are stopped automatically.. This is very a bad issue because in the most of track session i don't have the ecu log to check after the race. The log stop automatically and random before the internal memory is full I attach a log file downloaded after 14 minutes of track race..the log record only the start 4-5 minutes and after stop I have used as start condition for the log, a 1800 rpm engine speed
  10. Adamw, i have another question.. For double check in my log, i'm on planing to buy a new barrel position sensor with twin channel output.. Now i have the one channell version and it's configured as Gear position sensor..How i can configure the 2nd channel ?
  11. Adamw, Bad news for an setting update...:-( It's not possible to do it with a Virtuax Aux?For example activate a rev limiter with cut when the gear lever force is over 60 Nm or volt and start a timer for the rev limiter cut as 60 mS? My sensor not detecting the gear properly because i used a low volt tollerance 0.06V and the sensor signal often have a +/- 0.03 fluctation only in 3rd gear(Exampòe..the 3rd gear was set to 2.14 and often after the upshift o downshift i see 2.24 Volt that is out of volt tollerance), 4th looks perfect at +/-0.01 . This happens after a Box rebuild, before the signal was stable and perfect with 0.01 volt fluctation. I have check the +5V out to the sensor, the ground but all looks good. The magnet on my barrel is clean with no debris . I have try to rotate the sensor on the box cover to 20°, i re-done the gear position setting and now after a few upshift and downhisft with no load to the wheels, the signal are more stable.. I attach a log and the calibration , the log show the few upshift and downshift in sequence new gear setting.llg new mods- boost control - gear setting.pclr
  12. This is what happen..
  13. Adamw, I have an opposite situation.. the sensor report a signal Little low that is out of the volt tolerance so the ecu show me 0 gear but in real I’m on 3rd.. I pull the lever for upshift and the ecu start the cut from 0 but after 8 mS see 3rd gear and end the cut in 8mS.. so if I have a minimum shift time at 70 mS the power is not reintroducing early
  14. Adamw, it's possible to set a minimun cut time when the cut end is set to barrel position? This can help in a endurance race to minimise damage to the box if the gear position sensor or other fail.. So example..if i have the low upshift time at 85 mS, i want to set a value for minimun cut time to 70 mS
  15. I have a Honda S2000 F20C My 2000 customer car that need a race ecu and i'm interested to use the Link G4+ Extreme and do a full engine wiring harness. The car have the stock Dashboard so the coolant gauge work with a multiplexer (can honda line) direct to the Ecu stock. My question is about the stock coolant gauge, it's possible to have it fully working with the LinkG4+? I have used a few times for the Honda S2000 an AEM Infinity ecu and all work good, the coolant gauge also and in the Infinity Instruction , Aem tell how the stock coolant gauge work... I attach a screenshot , hope anyone can help me :-) this is the table setting about the LS6 in the Aem Infinity calibration
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