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  1. Adamw, don't worry for the slow reply :-) My "start shift validation time" is set at 2 ms. My upshift gear lever force is set to 44 Nm , i check a few log and the cut start before the barrel move (i take a look at gear lever force and barrell mV value). I can try to low the upshift gear lever force a bit but i think i can have false trigger when in the track.
  2. Adamw, thanks a lot for the awesome explain !! Your explain is about same as my when i see the log after the race . The cut time in high gear (3-4-5) is about 70-80 mS and it's not bat for me, it's the time that i expect from this type of gearbox with shift lever. I think it's possible to improve- reduce this time with modify the mechanical rotational mass (more light flywheel and racing clutch without with small diameter unsprung). The logs show the power is re-introduced with the barrel is still moving, normally this can cause premature dog wear... What i can do for have the re-introduced power with barrell stopped? I can play with a lower gear tollerance? The lever fell smoother but not smoother than if i dab the clutch for the same shifting.. In the first part of lever pull i feel a hard shot ("tac ") with the Upshift and this isn't present when i dab the clutch or left the foot from the throttle to unload the dog... I have the same issue a few month ago when i used for the Gear cut the Geartronics EasyShift Ecu (coil cut) in closed loop mode. This strange feel in the lever i think in the log is showed by the firs peak of loadcell signal..
  3. Adamw, thanks a lot for the helpfull reply . Very interesting the strategy for quite the exhaust bang with add fuel in the shift...normally i see the opposite, so cut the fuel at 100% for don't have extra fuel washing the exhaust with ignition retarded. I want to remove all bang possible due to better life of turbo and exhaust manifold. I take a look at my gear lever force and i see the dip of force but if you can see and give me some consideration about that , this is very helpfull for me :-) I have a internal log at 100 Hz of my track session , so i can upload and you can take a look at my gearshift parameters. I logged at 100 hz all the shift parameters. Log 2019-08-24 6;47;34 pm.llg
  4. I have a G4+ Fury installed in my race car with sequential gearbox. The ecu is awesome and all work very good. I need only a few clarification about the Sequential Shift Parameters/setting . As i mentioned before, i use the ecu to do the Shift cut for my Sequential Gearbox in Closed loop mode with Loadcell Knob and Gearposition sensor with Ignition cut % set at 90% and a Ignition Reatard at -15° for reintroducing torque strategy at 20 mS. In the Last weekend i tested them on track and when i do the Upshift strategy i have a big bang in the exhaust . it's normal because i cut the ignition at 90% and the rest 10% is retarded at -15°. I set the retard to -15° because i feel the shift lever smooth than a -10° retard. I have try to set the Fuel trim shift cut to a negative value to reduce the fuel amount in the shift cut but it's not possible to insert a negative value. How i can remove fuel in the shiftcut strategy to reduce the bang in the exhaust? In the log i take a look at Gear Parameters and when the barrell move, the Gear number go to 0 for a little moment during shifting. My Gear tollerance is set to 0.1V because i want the shift cut quite safe. If the Gear tollerance is low value, the power re-engage is safe for a full dog engage vs a high gear tollerance number?
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