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  1. VtrSp1

    Internal logging issue

    This is the base map new mods- boost control - gear setting.pclr
  2. VtrSp1

    Internal logging issue

    I take a look at the runtime, the log memory isn't full but the internal log stop
  3. I have an issue with the internal logging....Often after the track session (15 min) , i try to download internal logging file and i see they are stopped automatically.. This is very a bad issue because in the most of track session i don't have the ecu log to check after the race. The log stop automatically and random before the internal memory is full I attach a log file downloaded after 14 minutes of track race..the log record only the start 4-5 minutes and after stop I have used as start condition for the log, a 1800 rpm engine speed Log 2020-02-9 4;46;01 pm.llg
  4. Adamw, i have another question.. For double check in my log, i'm on planing to buy a new barrel position sensor with twin channel output.. Now i have the one channell version and it's configured as Gear position sensor..How i can configure the 2nd channel ?
  5. Adamw, Bad news for an setting update...:-( It's not possible to do it with a Virtuax Aux?For example activate a rev limiter with cut when the gear lever force is over 60 Nm or volt and start a timer for the rev limiter cut as 60 mS? My sensor not detecting the gear properly because i used a low volt tollerance 0.06V and the sensor signal often have a +/- 0.03 fluctation only in 3rd gear(Exampòe..the 3rd gear was set to 2.14 and often after the upshift o downshift i see 2.24 Volt that is out of volt tollerance), 4th looks perfect at +/-0.01 . This happens after a Box rebuild, before the signal was stable and perfect with 0.01 volt fluctation. I have check the +5V out to the sensor, the ground but all looks good. The magnet on my barrel is clean with no debris . I have try to rotate the sensor on the box cover to 20°, i re-done the gear position setting and now after a few upshift and downhisft with no load to the wheels, the signal are more stable.. I attach a log and the calibration , the log show the few upshift and downshift in sequence new gear setting.llg new mods- boost control - gear setting.pclr
  6. This is what happen..
  7. Adamw, I have an opposite situation.. the sensor report a signal Little low that is out of the volt tolerance so the ecu show me 0 gear but in real I’m on 3rd.. I pull the lever for upshift and the ecu start the cut from 0 but after 8 mS see 3rd gear and end the cut in 8mS.. so if I have a minimum shift time at 70 mS the power is not reintroducing early
  8. Adamw, it's possible to set a minimun cut time when the cut end is set to barrel position? This can help in a endurance race to minimise damage to the box if the gear position sensor or other fail.. So example..if i have the low upshift time at 85 mS, i want to set a value for minimun cut time to 70 mS
  9. I have a Honda S2000 F20C My 2000 customer car that need a race ecu and i'm interested to use the Link G4+ Extreme and do a full engine wiring harness. The car have the stock Dashboard so the coolant gauge work with a multiplexer (can honda line) direct to the Ecu stock. My question is about the stock coolant gauge, it's possible to have it fully working with the LinkG4+? I have used a few times for the Honda S2000 an AEM Infinity ecu and all work good, the coolant gauge also and in the Infinity Instruction , Aem tell how the stock coolant gauge work... I attach a screenshot , hope anyone can help me :-) this is the table setting about the LS6 in the Aem Infinity calibration
  10. Mapper, i have check my log and the cut stay On when the gear detected is 0
  11. Mapper, i have try with 20% fuel enrichment in one track lap and i can't prevent or soft the big bang in the exhaust. I'm about interested to your value about the fuel cut 60-85% and 40 deg retard... In my experience, low gear need more fuel cut % than the high gear. The 40 deg retard is interesting, with only 15 degree retard i have a power reintroducing too soft and the engine bog... In my car, at full boost the ignition is 15-16 ° Btdc, so if i retard more than 10 °and more than 20 mS time , the power re-introducing is too slow and i feel a loss of power in the upshift. The gear 0 detected between the shift is strange . I think the ecu use the strategy looked at the start of upshift and they don't change if during the upshift the value gear go to 0
  12. Adamw, after some track test with the race car i have interesting data about the shift cut strategy.. All test was made in the same track with same car setting (tyre, power level etc) - Ignition cut at 90% , ignition retard -10° and no Extra fuel trim in the shift cut strategy. Pros: cut instant, fast and hard, no fuel lean after the cut end strategy , no gear re-bounce Cons: Hard bang in the exhaust that can destroy the turbo /manifold and also engine - Ignition cut at 90% ignition retard - 10° and add a fuel trim +10% in the cut strategy Pros: cut instant , fast and hard , no gear re-bounce Cons : Hard bang in the exhaust and the 10% extra fuel trim don't solve the exhaust bang. The exhaust bang is same as without the +10% fuel trim - Fuel cut at 90%, ignition retard -10° and No extra fuel trim in the shift cut strategy Pros : shi ft lever feel smooth , no exhaust bang Cons : cut not instant and fast as the ignition cut ( i use a low Gear lever force Nm for start the cut before), and if the shift Lever travel isn't full and very precise i have a 2 time a gear re-bounce (shift from 3 to 4 and the box return in the 3 th gear). A lean situation after the gear cut strategy end - Fuel cut at 80% , ignition retard -10° and no extra fuel trim in the shift cut strategy Pros: shift lever feel smooth than fuel cut 90% , no exhaust bang Cons: cut not instant and fast as the ignition cut, 1 times a gear rebounce and lean situation after the cut strategy. So for the cut power is better the ignition cut (it's fast and instant and i haven't gear re-bounce) but the downside is the bang in the exhaust. Do you think with a low % of ignition cut, the exhaust bang is reduced? The other test is reduce the ignition cut % to the number that can't give me a dog disengage for see what is the low % allowed for the dog disengage and after try to use a little high % than the minimun finded but not too much? If i use a 10% fuel trim in the shift cut strategy, this can help me in the lean situation after the fuel cut strategy for upshift?
  13. Adamw, this is some picture about the wiring from the customer car
  14. i have a Mitusibishi Lancer Evo9 with the PlugIn ecu and a Aim MXS Strada Dash installed, but i can't see any data to the Aim Dashboard. The Aim Can wire is connect to Can1, i have check Can High- Can Low wiring and it's ok. My Aim Ecu Stream is set to LINK-CAN_BUS_BASE_LCC and the setting on the Link Ecu CAN Setup is in the picture attached . I take a look at the runtime value for the CAN1 and i see a error, in the picture attached can you see the Runtime Error for the Can1. I have switch the can connector to CAN2 , setting them proper and the error appear in the Can2 Can you help me?
  15. Adamw, don't worry for the slow reply :-) My "start shift validation time" is set at 2 ms. My upshift gear lever force is set to 44 Nm , i check a few log and the cut start before the barrel move (i take a look at gear lever force and barrell mV value). I can try to low the upshift gear lever force a bit but i think i can have false trigger when in the track.
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