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  1. @Adamw ok i try with ATI Damper for try to remove the Vibration Harmonic ..hope it can help me
  2. @Adamw , yesterday i go the track for test the new Bosch DBW . The new Bosch don't solve the issue, at high rpm (about 7900-8100 rpm) the throttle close :-( Before install them ,i have check and the throttle plate is flat at 92 % so i have se the e-throttle target at 100% Apmain to 92% of throttle plate. This time the throttle is a brand new Bosch, same as i use on another customer car (same engine) without issue to 9400 rpm with Aem infinity. This is a link for download the log https://wetransfer.com/downloads/362b9b6f679f9914dcc8fcef3293919020200724231110/52ee085967770622040861db2aa6fedf20200724231130/bfa095
  3. @adamw thanks for the input. I have unlock the ecu a few minute ago. i use the trigger scope for set the synch tooth , so i count the edge after the tooth missed so and it's 11 ..possible? And on Trigger 2 sync mode, is ok cam pulse 1x?
  4. @Adamw , ok i try to setting the value for trigger.. I attach the calibration and the screen trigger scope on cranking can you do a check? And for the stock Ford coil i need an extternal dual channel ignitor? trigger scope two sensor.llgx 01-start.pclx
  5. Thanks a lot for the fast reply :-) The Cam crank sensor is reluctor (two Pin), one is the signal and the other i need to connect to sensor ground or to shield/ground pin?
  6. I'm doing a Monsoon X full wiring on a Westfield with Ford Duratec 2.0 DHE420. It's wasted spark (single coil) with camshaft sensor Do you have a trigger setting for this engine?
  7. @adamw , ok .. i have try the last test, it's P6 I0.080 D40.. any suggest for improve or it's acceptable?
  8. @Adamw I have done a few test with different setting and frequency.. For my opinion , the best is the P8 I 0.080 D 60.. what do you think?
  9. @Adamw i have do a few test with the bosch e-throttle with the setting suggested. i do a few pedal move fast and slow and after i set two different value in the e-throttle table.. what do you think? P 7 I 0137 D50.llg
  10. @Adamw , Yes a damper tuned for a different resonant frequency can figure out the issue but it's easy and less expensive change the E-throttle. I have change the E-throttle to a Bosch Unit 0280750151. Do you have a Pid setting and Frequency as starting point for this E-throttle?
  11. @Adamw i have done a similar setup Honda K20 with K20Z4 E-throttle on a Aem Infinity and i have the similar issue..so i have changed the Throttle body with a Bosch Unit and the problem was solved. This setup was on a Lotus Elise with Kswap engine and 75A Engine mounts, Oem engine and Oem Crank pulley. My car is a race car with 95A engine mounts , stock Honda Oem crank pulley (with damper). Honda use a very tought intake manifold support and normally this is removed due to the weight ( 0.7Kg each). One of this support is bolted near the Throttle body flange, possible to reduce manifold vibration? This question is because i'm a Honda Tuner, and i do some Honda Fn2 Car with 75A engine mount Hondata Flashpro and i haven't this issue..but in this car i have the manifold stand support
  12. Last week i have do a few track test with the E-throttle setup, downshift blip and the Ewp! All work good but i have an issue with the E-throttle, a few time when the engine is at 8000 rpm , the Throttle close a few % so the TP error accumulator go high. In another time the Throttle closed a very high amount and the Upshift isn't good The setup is with a Honda K20Z4 E-throttle Take a look at log fram 2:00 @Adamw Log 2020-07-4 4;59;40 pm.llg
  13. @Adamw thanks a lot for help me and waste your time for that... The oscillation in the frame 3:29 it's possible to control with more tuning on the Integral gain? From my experience, the Integral gain in PID setup help to control the oscillation , or i can reduce the Proportional ? And a question about the downshift blip in the sequential gearbox with gear lever load knob cell , this based with your experience, is better dab the clutch or i can do the downshift clutchless? I have read different thinks about this, many tuners do that and many gearbox brand don't allow that with a gear lever but only with paddle shift
  14. @Adamw Ok so i can be happy with my setup. I have another issue that bores me, i do a test with engine off and set 100% throttle target at 0% pedal for see if the throttle blade is flat horizontally. I found that is at 95% of throttle Body and it's ok. When in the throttle target table i set the idle value (3.5 %) the blade close, go below the target and next go high. So i say that in the normal use/race use is very impossible because the foot isn't fast as a number...but i'm happy if you can take a look at log attached at frame 3.13.400 Log 2020-04-30 7;51;04 pm.llg
  15. @Adamw, ok i have try with the wheels up off the ground and the downshift blip work! I have a little high error accumulator on E-throttle when i do the blip or i press very fast the throttle pedal.. I have work to the PID... The P from 8 to 6 and D from 60 to 50 don't show me any improvement, but i see with a little high I from 0.030 to 0.1 the error is very low i attach the log with the last throttle PID setting that show me a low number of error during the Blip .. this is a acceptable errore range? In the log i do 3 downshift.. Log 2020-04-27 2;00;38 pm downshift Ok.llg
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