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  1. Thanks Stevie, Very helpful! You should get a job here!
  2. Thank you Stevie. Is there a brand Ignition amplifier you would recommend or have used in the Past? Or best to source one from another OEM that is commonly used? Or Maybe better again to move across to a smarter coil pack which doesnt require the amplifier? I see alot of people using the VAG Red top coils? for this reason?
  3. Morning Dave, Thank you for your input. As written above, I am removing the Vanos units and fixing the timing on Aftermarket Cams. Is there anything else i should be concerned about?
  4. Morning Stevie, Thanks for taking the time to reply, The S62 engine only has one throttle actuator running both banks, the S65 V8 & M5 V10 have dual so should be ok? Would rather run the Dash2 through CAN, ive heard its a mare to setup, but surely in this CAN mode it is only displaying Data so should be a more simple setup when the ECU understands all? I had been warned when looking into the MaxxECU System that it was required to install ignition amplifiers for the BMW Passive Coils? would this be required on the Link? Can any one advise on sensor / temp sensor calibra
  5. Hi Guys, Ive just purchased a G4+ Xtreme Red from a guy locally, has anyone run this engine using Link Previously that can help with a Base map? Any other hardware required? Can the Xtreme ECU run the OEM BMW Coilpacks? Communicate with all the BMW Sensors simply? & Also, what do I need to connect to my RaceTech Dash2 via CAN? Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hi, Getting the option to buy a Red boxed G4+xtreme, is the spec the same as the newer Black xtreme ECU now listed for sale? Same number of Injector and Ignition drivers? Ethrottle? Lauch? Traction? Flatshift? Many Thanks in advance
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