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  1. It's ok, sorted it now. Turned starting enrichment down and lowered the master fuel trim, starts on the button now.
  2. I've installed my Supralink G4+ in the car, powered it up, installed the Supra base map. Spec - 880CC injectors, 264 cams, Link knock sensors, stock MAP currently but will be fitting an AEM 5 bar sensor. Problem is it turns over, tries to catch then floods, it has run briefly but was very rich. I just need to know what to adjust to achieve a start, fuel trim etc. Cheers
  3. Swampy433


    I've got a G4+ Supralink, can you use stock knock sensors? I've got a Link knock sensor but the stock loom has 1 pin, the Link one has 2 so how do you wire them in? Also Ive got an oil pressure sensor, its got a 3 pin plug but the stock loom has a 1 pin plug so how do you wire that in? Cheers
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