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  1. Hello all, the pin-out diagram for the factory knock sensor is 91. Im assuming that the factory knock sensor can be used regarding this ECU... With that being said what settings are needed as a starting point? Also is there an additional step to get the LINK ECU to communicate with the factory knock sensor? I have initially chosen the following settings: Knock mode: knk internal Freq. Channel: 6kHz Gain channel: 1 Clear I-trim tables: ECu-powered on Window start: 10 Window length: 50 Ign retard limit: 6 Retard gain: 1.00 degrees/% Advance decay: 1 sec Advance rate: 0.5 degrees/sec RPM high lockout: 1000 RPM low lockout: 9000 TP low lockout: 0 TP delta lockout: 5.0%
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