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  1. Awesome. Thanks for clearing that up for me
  2. Hi I'm interested in buying a link ecu for my 1jz drift car. So far it look like the Storm will get the job done for me. I don't plan to run more than 450bhp with this engine. The motorsport feautures don't interest me one bit, it's the engine protection I am after. At the moment I can only afford the Storm, but I'm not sure if I'll need the onboard lambda to make sure the car is always 100%. My main question is how important is the onboard lambda on the Fury in regards to engine protection. Is it important in terms of saving the engine, or is it more a nice to have? Secondly, do I need to buy an external MAP sensor (4 bar MAP) or can I just get an ECU + wiring and call it a day
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