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  1. Spyrosgeo

    Alteza plug-in

    Sorry, i forget to report that i have this problem with pin connected so i disconected and i have the same result.
  2. Hi, I have a problem with aem X series wideband. This connected with can bus. Problem is looking on video. What’s wrong?? VID_32320319_092134_484.mp4
  3. Spyrosgeo

    Alteza plug-in

    Hi all, I have a plugin alteza ecu and i have 2 problems. The first one is with an temp 3(ambient air temperature). I have disconect the pin over the connector and the result is continuously temp play between - 30 to 0. And the second one is with economy meter on dashes. The car tuned with modefied fuel equation mode. When you start engine economy meter is going full and turn down when you start your ride. What i must correct for dashes and what is going wrong with ambient air temp. Thanks.
  4. Hi, and thanks for your help. It works correctly too. Also, can i do it work with lambda can bus?
  5. Hi, I have real dash and it work correctly. I have made the lambda indication which i want to convert into afr How should i??
  6. Hi, I have a problem with can bus 2. It doesn't work. Which have placed on loom b.
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