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    0x33 got a reaction from Gsab in R35 gtr coil conversion r32 rb26   
    R32 GTR uses direct spark settings with a Link ECU from the factory. This will not change when you run the new R35 coils. 
    Once you are plugged in with the new coils, I would go to ignition test and ping each of the coils to check that they are assigned/wired correctly. 
    Once happy they are assigned correctly, you will need to enter in the dwell settings for those coils. I don't know the data for this off the top of my head, but maybe it was supplied with your conversion kit. If not I'm sure the data is out there on the interwebs somewhere. 
    Finally I would get the timing light out, go to calibrate and re-adjust your ignition delay as I would hope you would need less delay now with more modern/simple ignition components. 
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