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  1. Yeah it's connected to a vac port on the plenum. I'll check map readings tomorrow, think they're all ok. I've set base timing at the factory 8 after and full advance at 27, I think this was set at zero but I'm not sure.. I'll have to find out.
  2. Ok, would a long vacuum hose cause a delay in the ecu reading vacuum? It's taking a reading from the opposite end of the plenum from the tb, should it closer? Also I have a full fuel and ignition table for this engine but it's for a very early g1, how would I translate this across to a v5 table? Sorry for all the questions..
  3. Ok I fixed it, don't ask.. Still interested to know if adjusting the rows down and master up (or vice versa) affects the accel numbers?
  4. Hi, I've got a fairly large flat spot off idle on 2.0 engine with a 60mm Tb, accel low and wake inj are maxed out but its still there. Will adjusting the rows down and the master up affect the accel numbers? Thanks.
  5. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Is it possible to set up a wide band Oxy if there's no port for it? As it's a v5 link the wb is in the menu after nb but I don't have the four pin port. Cheers
  6. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Hi at @Simon, got everything wired up and running, had an issue with the fpr not releasing fuel at idle and cavitating but should have that sorted with a new fpr. One problem is the coolant sensor, from cold I either a) get a reading of 36c that drops to about 20 or b) get a reading of 96 that rises to about 105. I've checked the earth's and they're all good. It's there a way to calibrate it or do I need a specific type. From memory this was working with a very early g1 (97ish) it's not the stock mazda item.. Cheers, Thomas.
  7. Yetchh

    G1 info

    @Simon is there any way to do a factory reset? Cheers
  8. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Ok mate thanks..
  9. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Hi Simon, thanks for your reply. I'm assuming it uses the same loom as a v3.. am I able to run two injectors per drive or does there have to be a minimum of three per? I'm also using a Nissan throttle body, and the last time this engine was set up with a link (1999) I think there was a prob with the nissan tps, is there any specific brand I should be using? Cheers, Thomas.
  10. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Hi, swapped this link for an lemv3 I had that was set up for a 5mge, any info on this? V5 is pc tuneable or is it hand controller only? Am I right in saying it's set up for a 4age? I want to run it on an early 2.0 mazda egi engine. Thanks for any help.
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