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    G1 info

    Ok, cheers..
  2. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Hi at @Simon, got everything wired up and running, had an issue with the fpr not releasing fuel at idle and cavitating but should have that sorted with a new fpr. One problem is the coolant sensor, from cold I either a) get a reading of 36c that drops to about 20 or b) get a reading of 96 that rises to about 105. I've checked the earth's and they're all good. It's there a way to calibrate it or do I need a specific type. From memory this was working with a very early g1 (97ish) it's not the stock mazda item.. Cheers, Thomas.
  3. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Ok, thanks..
  4. Yetchh

    G1 info

    @Simon is there any way to do a factory reset? Cheers
  5. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Ok mate thanks..
  6. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Hi Simon, thanks for your reply. I'm assuming it uses the same loom as a v3.. am I able to run two injectors per drive or does there have to be a minimum of three per? I'm also using a Nissan throttle body, and the last time this engine was set up with a link (1999) I think there was a prob with the nissan tps, is there any specific brand I should be using? Cheers, Thomas.
  7. Yetchh

    G1 info

    Hi, swapped this link for an lemv3 I had that was set up for a 5mge, any info on this? V5 is pc tuneable or is it hand controller only? Am I right in saying it's set up for a 4age? I want to run it on an early 2.0 mazda egi engine. Thanks for any help.
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