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  1. Yes, we tested relay and it doesn't power the ABS motor. We will do what u wrote in e-mail and i'll wright here the result. I think, everything will work.
  2. Car has supercharger, no more MAF, no more place for MAF, only IAT and MAP. But we will try stock ecu. Any more suggestions?
  3. Hello! I have link G4+ in nissan 350z and i have ABS warning lighton, when car is moving. I can erase errors in static car, but they comes up, when car is driving. I see errors C1132 and C1111 in my abs diagnostic menu, also i see all wheel sensors is working in abs menu and in Link G4+ software. We check connectors of ABS module and than we replase it, Same situation. Asking for help withn this case. C1132 NISSAN - Engine Signal 3 SharePossible causes- Faulty Engine Control Module (ECM)- Faulty ABS actuator and electric unit (control unit)- Control Area Network (CAN) communication line-
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