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  1. VicEvo

    EVO 8 base map problems

    Hi, I've done the test for ign 4/fan 3. Fan stop only if I set polarity to low, the same thing as the Aux1/Engine Fan 1, fan stop when I set polarity to high. Is it a problem to let the fans with this set up, it looks to work ? For the IC spray it's always the same in auto mode or manual it doesn't work… I've seen that you set a GP output for it but it not work. I've check the IC spray work in manual with OEM original (no reflashed) ECU. Maybe the problem come from DI3 also ? Let me know what I have to do and thanks again for your support.
  2. VicEvo

    EVO 8 base map problems

    Hi, I've done the tests : When I put Ign 4 to to "test on" AC fan stop, with Ign 3 and Inj 5 nothing hapen for the AC fan When I put Ign 5 to "test on" IC spray lamp comes on For Aux 1 "engine fan 1" when the polarity is set to high (as on my friend evo 9) engine fan don't turn when I turn the key (when it's set to low, farn turn on) Thanks for your support.
  3. VicEvo

    EVO 8 base map problems

    Hi Simon, I've done the tests, it's the same problems : AC FAN turn on as soon as we turn the key on (when I remove the 2 AC relay in fuse box, AC Fan turn off) The IC SPRAY doesn't work in auto or manual mode, No lights on dasboard also. With this Map, the Engine fan also turn on as soon as we turn the key on, I was having the same issue at the begining with the original base map, but my Link dealer set the engine fan as in it's Evo9 link Pnp Ecu and the problem was solve, apparently he set the right polarity (for ENGINE FAN only) My car is an Evo 8 GSR French european model, if it can help. Normally I Always do things by myself with no problems but here I'm a little bit stuck... Thanks again for your help
  4. VicEvo

    EVO 8 base map problems

    Hi Simon, Thanks for your reply, For the AC FAN, It was necessary (on my Evo8 model) to switch the position in outpouts with fuel pump has it was explained in the installation manual (the car won't start untill this operation). With the new outpout location the (injector drive 5), the polarity is set to low but the fan still works all the time. For the IC spray, everthing is at the right place but I don't know how to set the input lach and pull up resistor (off or on) I can't find the IC light fonction to set up in Ign 5 drive controls I've attached the Base Map running in the car actually, can you check and modify it if possible. After that I can start the mapping job. Thanks a lot EVO start map victor v2b.pclr
  5. Hi from France, I've just fitted my Link G4+ PnP on my Evo 8 GSR, load base map, everything woks well exept 2 things : A/C fan (witch is in the front bumper) works all the time, as soon as you turn the key on he never stops. Water spray doesn't work in auto or manual and there is no light of working on the dashboard cluster I have the last update of software. Thanks for your help :) Victor
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