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  1. Thats what i have now the non avcs but im wantin to no which wire from the cam sensor i need for the signal wire on the new LH cam sensor for trigger 2
  2. Which pinout is trigger 2 as the 2.0 has a signal+ and signal- which one do i connect the LH cam sensor to thanks again for ur help
  3. With the 2.0 cam sensor theres a signal+ and a signal- would i take the signal wire from the new LH cam sensor to the signal+ pinout? Of the old sensor sorry for the hundred question just like to get my head round things lol
  4. Wired the LH and RH cam sensors in to the DI1 and DI2 as in the wire diagram in the installation papers but getting no signal but then it says shud be to trigger 2 for LH cam sensor, help please as loosing a battle
  5. Only single inlet avcs heads but iv just looked at runtime and im getting no signal thru to the ecu but iv wired them up to di 1 for LH and di2 for RH but everywere i read it says LH goes to trigger 2 am i right? But in the link wire diagrams say to go to di 1 and di2
  6. I just up loaded the later version map as from the 2.0 only one cam sensor and on the 2.5 theres 2 cam sensors So should be the right base map just to get it running just didnt no if the logg would show what the problem is
  7. hi iv built and swopped from a 2.0 to a 2.5 and changed nearly every thing and iv got all my wiring sorted with no fault codes and its turning over but its spluttering trying to start but wont run, its way above what I no and im trying yo learn but im stumped iv got a link g4+ and its a 2005 Subaru impreza with a fully built 2.5 with 1000cc injectors subaru.llg
  8. Hi getting these error codes but cant work out the problem its on map sensor and iat and coolant sensor but is it a grounding problem
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