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  1. Ok guys a small break through, I unplugged my expansion connector, cranked the car over and no more trigger errors! Yay but why? Is it because I have earthed something inappropriately? Where is the best place to earth wideband, A.I.T ? Also anti lag, and launch control, am I correct in thinking that these switches can be grounded and if so were? Thanks for all your help!!
  2. Yip I have tried dip switches both ways, in the run time tabs I am getting a trigger signal but lots of errors. Besides doing a trigger scope do I have any other options?
  3. Thanks for clearing that up Simon, I'm currently trying to track Down some one local with the neccessary equipment to help me with a trigger scope. I have configured the crank / cam to Version 7, should I also turn the vvt stuff off? I have also brought home with me a v7 ej20, it still has the crank trigger wheel and the cams attached but is missing the sensors, I thought maybe I could unwillingly swap the trigger wheels over?
  4. Ok so I have done a little research on this trigger topic but please correct me if I am wrong. My crank and cam sensors are analog so the cam sensors that are wired to DI 1 and DI 2 should actually be to a analog channel? And also home come in the Subaru wrx &sti V5-6 installation manual, in the pinouts section there isint a pin labeled for the crank sensor? I have tested with my multimeter and the crank sensor is connecting with pin B136-23 and B 136-5 but how do I know the ecu is receiving from those pins? I should probably also point out I have used the complete original ej205 loom and I have run extra wires for ait,2x extra cam sensors, cam solenoids and I have also wired in a inovative wide band. Thanks. Ricky
  5. Here is the map. Perhaps I should go threw all the wiring for the avcs cams again, what should they be wired to? Log 6-11-19 10;33;36 pm.llg
  6. Just checked and made sure but yes have changed it and preformed a store, set as you recommended , you did mention something earlier about the way I had wired up the sensors ect so I will attach a picture of what I had changed if you can make any sense out of it lol Log 6-11-19 10;33;36 pm.llg
  7. Yip that is what the trigger mode is set to.... Log 6-11-19 9;49;58 pm.llg
  8. the two at the back have two wires. The motor is out of a 1999 subaru legacy and was originally non turbo the engine type is ej254
  9. So it seems I might have been put wrong with the wiring, could you please tell me the correct way to wire up.the avcs solineds and sensors? I also have one cam sensor at the front on the left-hand side and the to cam position sensors at the rear on each head.
  10. Here you go, I'm currently tracking down another coil pack. sunday morning.pcl
  11. Hi Adam, sorry I hadn't seen your reply. DI4 - Ignition switch is active. AF6 - ECU Hold Power is On.
  12. So currently have no spark, if I can't get this sorted I'm tempted to put the original ej205 back in the car. I'm very new to this so please bear with me, as I see it the ecu is not picking up any engine speed. Currently I have no spark and the other day whilst playing around trying to start the coil pack got very very hot. Is it possible I have damaged the ECU? There is also the fact that the loom behind the dash has been hacked at quite a bit, so I was thinking maybe a rewire of the hole car with a power distribution module kinda set up just to eliminate any potential wiring problems. I will attach some more info/log and I am more than happy to gather more data if needed . Log 2-11-19 12;45;59 am.llg ScreenShot 02.11.9.docx
  13. OK so I have got the matching cam and crank, while trying to turn the motor over I noticed that trigger one signal and trigger two signal yes, it is not counting any trigg 1 err but I am not picking up any engine speed. Can anyone point me in the right direction please. Fyi this base tune was loaded from the v5-6 wrx file. Thanks in advance.
  14. Ok thanks, another question. The pin b134-8 is this supposed to be going anywhere? Currently as far as I can work out it is going to one of the pins in the plug for the idle stepper and the waste gate solenoid. At the moment I have most of the plugs for injectors, map, cam and crank sensors ect unplugged. P.S grate to see the link team at wtac in the weekend !
  15. Ok so I think I've got everything right but I'm not getting a engine speed on the PC Link I have pulled out spark plug and I have spark I have put the timing light on but the timing light won't flash what the hell is going on. Cheers team
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