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    ECU for 1ZZ

    I have recently fitted a Link G4+ Storm on my 1zz engined mk3 Mr2/Mr-S and all is good, it is wired in piggyback with the stock ecu, which is retained to run the dashboard instruments and while i didnt do the initial grafting into the harness ( bought it all as a used unit complete with engine harness and turbo kit hence the ecu upgrade) but from what ive found its basically taken over the fuel, ignition and VVT control from the stock toyota ecu and has addition of a Link Map sensor for the intake pipework so stock MAF can be discarded, so far all works very well. If i can help at all let me know, im still learning the Link setup but getting there now and ive pretty much got it dialled in on larger 470cc injectors running N/A at moment but Turbo install is imminent.
  2. Short story im building a turbo mk3 MR2 roadster with the stock Toyota 1zz motor, ive bought a turbo kit which came with a pre-mapped G4+ storm and ive now installed that into my car and working on getting it all up and running NA with stock injectors (was on 460cc with turbo kit on previous car but they are not well matched set after testing so bought new ones) once im happy all this is good i will fit new larger Bosch injectors and tune to suit, when im happy with the NA setup i will fit the turbo kit and tune accordingly. Reason for this post is im wondering what knock frequency i need to use on the 1zz motor and what others have found works well ? current map on ecu (supposedly done by a pro who are meant to know what they are doing) has it set at 6hz but going my calculations using bore size (79mm on this motor) it should be 7.3hz so nearest on the Link Storm being 7hz ? Ive done a couple of short logs on the 6hz setting and it does pick up a fair bit of noise but not sure how accurate it is, due to location of inlet manifold its difficult to connect my old copper pipe/stethoscope to listen for knock with my ears so relying on the knock sensor at moment. Any help welcome
  3. Got it powered up and pulled map off ecu, now time to see what we have in there!
  4. Thanks Richard that confirms what ive just been working out from the help file, always good to have it confirmed before plugging in! Ian
  5. Thank you i will check that out tonight.
  6. I have a G4+ Storm to go in my MR2 Spyder turbo build, im not quite ready to fit the turbo kit and ecu (which is hard wired into factory engine loom that came with kit off car kit was previously fitted onto) but i would like to pull the map off ecu now if possible to go over what has been done previously, is it as simple as connecting it to a 12v power supply and ground to enable me to do this ?
  7. Got one from Grant at GBE for anyone else looking
  8. Hi, 1st post here as Ive just bought a used G4+ Storm and i need a programming cable for it, ive seen them on ebay etc but thought it worth asking here in case anyone has a spare or good source for one please ? Im sure i will be back soon with questions once the Ecu is in the car ready for tweaking! Thanks Ian
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