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  1. Just change the axis setup to MGP and it will convert over the table numbers which should be basically the same relative to load but double check to be sure, your right 100kpa on MAP table will be 0 in MGP. If you havent already got axis scale setup to handle boost for future now is maybe a good time to do so to save having to redo it all again.
  2. Ive set it at 7hz narrowband using stock 1zz sensor and seems to works pretty well on my 1zz MR2 4cylinder motor, yours being a1JZ is totally different engine though with 2 more cylinders as a start as well as different bore size so will most likely use a different frequency, maybe have a search on here or start a post as im sure someone on here will have used a 1JZ motor on link ecu and be able to help further
  3. As above no fuel trim stored and its a live system only for small adjustments only, i spent a lot of time on my fuel map using mixture map before switching on closed loop fueling and looks like its paid off as CL correction is generally less than +/- 5% Ive not looked at quicktrim feature i wil take a look at that one for future.
  4. thetyrant

    G4+ Bluetooth

    Not having a lot of luck and all seems to point to wifi latency issues from MT300, ive got both laptop and Tablet to initally connect to Ecu in car via wifi on the MT300 but randomly disconnects so not much use, watching wifi latency on MT300 it gives the occasional spikes which seems to be the cause, not sure if its my MT300 or the firmware etc and going to try and go back to original firmware and start again, if that doesnt work im not sure what next maybe i could send someone my MT300 to see if it works on there already working setup?. im tempted to buy another see if its a bad unit but reluctant too until i know its the problem. While it was working its great to have the tablet as gauges in car and going to cable it for now, hopefully get the wifi working in future to make it a cleaner install and allow me to keep tablet on charge while using it.
  5. thetyrant

    G4+ Bluetooth

    Ok update, been on the Virtualhere forum as well looking for some pointers from that side and was suggested to look at latency, sure enough it doesnt look great via the laptops internal wifi for some reason despite being sat right next to the MT300, tried it with a Netgear wifi USB stick in the laptop instead of the internal wifi and latency looked better, just been out and tested on car it connected to the ECU which was a result :-) Tablet arrived today as well so just got to get that working now, annoyingly i thought it had win10 on it but its come with win8 which i hate!, also lots of missing DLL files so wont run VirtualClient until i get all those copied back on, fingers crossed!
  6. thetyrant

    G4+ Bluetooth

    OK will try reducing speed see if that helps, I think I've tried everything else suggested and all pc firewalls are off. Only thin I wasn't sure was what you meant about ticking boxes under advanced? I can't find anything like that to do. Hopefully on tablet all works as it should otherwise going to have a rethink on what to do, was hoping to have the small linx7 tab tucked in dash cubby with pclink running instead of adding gauges to dash to monitor engine etc, if I can't get this working will have to go for bigger tab maybe with seperate charging or more usb connectors.
  7. thetyrant

    G4+ Bluetooth

    Thanks Richard i will have a play, when you say Firewalls is that the ones on the PC itself ? or are there some on the MT300 i need to configure ? this is what i was curious about as i did see a firewall tab on original firmware before i flashed it with new one which doesnt seem to have anything on that side of things. I have been playing around all day with various options and interesting results, first if i connect the MT300 to laptop with Lan cable rather than Wifi i can connect to Ecu ok, if i do exactly same using Wifi to MT300 it sees the Ecu on virtualclient ok and Port is allocated but the software just wont connect up, if i connect other devices to the MT300 like a USB stick or USB mouse they all work fine when connected over wifi so it kind of works, just not with the Ecu which is what i need Will go and try the things you mention see if its any different, failing that will await to see if any different on Tablet when that arrives as that is what i need it to work on really, im just playing around trying laptop to see if i could get it all to work while im waiting.
  8. thetyrant

    G4+ Bluetooth

    Bringing this thread back up as im trying to connect a tablet to my G4+ Storm to use for gauges while driving, bought the GL-MT300N-V2 and connected ok via Lan cable to my laptop and flashed the firmware as per instructions on 1st page, initally im trying to get it working on my Laptop as im still awaiting Tablet arriving, all seemed to go ok on face of it at least and after flashing firmware the Cloudhub wifi network appeared and after installing virtualclient was able to see the Ecu connected to the USB port on hub ok. However im not able to connect to Ecu with PClink software despite it showing as connected to the Hub ok on Virtual client, so thinking a firewall issue as previous poster on here had im now trying to get into the MT300 to check that but i cant get access, ive tried over LAN and Wifi using IP address on unit as i did initially but it just wont connect says im not connected to a network Im wondering if ive partially bricked the MT300 when flashing firmware preventing me accessing it, ive tried holding reset down on the MT300 for 10seconds to factory reset but looks like it doesnt affect the firmware as im still getting the Cloudhub wifi rather than orginal MT300 wifi i had before flashing, any help or ideas welcome ?
  9. thetyrant

    ECU for 1ZZ

    Yes i would say using the stock ecu in piggyback like mine to run dash is easiest way as the Link (and most other standalones) cant drive the dashboard on my 1zz MR2 and im guess same protocols etc on your RunX, basically on my setup the engine control was taking from stock ecu (fuel, ign, cam control etc) and other items left connected to stock ecu to run dash.
  10. thetyrant

    ECU for 1ZZ

    I have recently fitted a Link G4+ Storm on my 1zz engined mk3 Mr2/Mr-S and all is good, it is wired in piggyback with the stock ecu, which is retained to run the dashboard instruments and while i didnt do the initial grafting into the harness ( bought it all as a used unit complete with engine harness and turbo kit hence the ecu upgrade) but from what ive found its basically taken over the fuel, ignition and VVT control from the stock toyota ecu and has addition of a Link Map sensor for the intake pipework so stock MAF can be discarded, so far all works very well. If i can help at all let me know, im still learning the Link setup but getting there now and ive pretty much got it dialled in on larger 470cc injectors running N/A at moment but Turbo install is imminent.
  11. Short story im building a turbo mk3 MR2 roadster with the stock Toyota 1zz motor, ive bought a turbo kit which came with a pre-mapped G4+ storm and ive now installed that into my car and working on getting it all up and running NA with stock injectors (was on 460cc with turbo kit on previous car but they are not well matched set after testing so bought new ones) once im happy all this is good i will fit new larger Bosch injectors and tune to suit, when im happy with the NA setup i will fit the turbo kit and tune accordingly. Reason for this post is im wondering what knock frequency i need to use on the 1zz motor and what others have found works well ? current map on ecu (supposedly done by a pro who are meant to know what they are doing) has it set at 6hz but going my calculations using bore size (79mm on this motor) it should be 7.3hz so nearest on the Link Storm being 7hz ? Ive done a couple of short logs on the 6hz setting and it does pick up a fair bit of noise but not sure how accurate it is, due to location of inlet manifold its difficult to connect my old copper pipe/stethoscope to listen for knock with my ears so relying on the knock sensor at moment. Any help welcome
  12. Got it powered up and pulled map off ecu, now time to see what we have in there!
  13. Thanks Richard that confirms what ive just been working out from the help file, always good to have it confirmed before plugging in! Ian
  14. Thank you i will check that out tonight.
  15. I have a G4+ Storm to go in my MR2 Spyder turbo build, im not quite ready to fit the turbo kit and ecu (which is hard wired into factory engine loom that came with kit off car kit was previously fitted onto) but i would like to pull the map off ecu now if possible to go over what has been done previously, is it as simple as connecting it to a 12v power supply and ground to enable me to do this ?
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