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  1. The Spartan 3ADV have been pulled from sale in the UK mate due to various faulty units, I was just unlucky to be one of them! I’ve now bought an AEM X Wideband and installing next week as I had a refund on the Spartan. Thanks for you help and hopefully this thread will provide help in the future if anyone buys a second hand one.
  2. Hi Adam, on the Log Adrian posted I disconnected the 12v supply around 2mins in and reconnected around 30secs later. I have the part number of the Lambda: it's marked 14point7 LSUADVA0 I‘m on iPhone so tonight I’ll try and borrow an android phone to try the Torque app.
  3. I updated the Ecu to the latest firmware and still no luck unfortunately
  4. Cheers Richard & Adam. I think Adrian will have a breakdown if he can’t get this working lol. I think the Spartan needs a new set of installation instructions from what I’m gathering here.
  5. Hello folks! Got rid of my 0-5v PLX Wideband and splashed out on the Spartan 3 ADV. I’ve followed all wiring connections and it seems the lambda gets hot and the module is just above ambient temp. So I would say that confirms it’s working as such it’s just PCLink cannot find it? I’ve tried it in both CAN1 & CAN2 ports (changed settings too obviously and nothing? Does the Spartan need any Ohm mods or any ideas, Took it to the guy who’s gonna map it (eventually!) and he thinks it needs the Grey Can Bus adaptor as seen below but I want to see if I’m missing anything obvious before chopping into more wires Here’s some pics...
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