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  1. Well all bits have arrived other than my loom at present Just few more questions about above I plan to wire the aim dash to can2 connections. How would I connect the toucan and be able to have the control via it without causing other issues. Read about problems having the 6 pin plug connected for the toucan and trying to use tuning cable at same time.... Is there a way to connect the toucan hard wired and still be able to use all its functions? Many thanks again
  2. Perfect. Thank you. Once it all arrives I am sure I will have more questions.
  3. Hi I have a fury on order along with a aim strada 1.2. Will I be able to use the toucan along with the strada on the ECU ok? I see it has 2 x canbus so have assumed it would. Many thanks (Will prob need assistance once it arrives getting it all to work)
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