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  1. Will give it all a try. Struggling with battery power now. Think it may have had enough so will try my spare and order a new one if need be. I will also pull the dizzy and remove the lug which comes closest to the crank missing tooth. Happy new year
  2. This looks better now.
  3. Morning. Yes I had press capture. Or do you click whilst its cranking? I clicked before cranking. That's all I seem to get everytime. If I try with fuel it either coffs and stops or had it back fire once
  4. I had planned to take the lug off but was trying it in the duratec vct setting first but no joy. Hoping may get a better understanding before I remove it. Had big back fire once but keep getting trig1 error counts. Scope just isn't looking like expected so not sure if issue elsewhere
  5. Cosworth yb. 36-1 Ford escort cosworth crank (90 before tdc) Phase is via distributor. Currently with both (2) lugs still present
  6. Anyone able to advise. Cranking engine and this is the trigger scope I have got. But it seems hit and miss. Not tried to fire with fuel yet. Just seems very odd to me but I am very new to this so trying to learn. Many thanks
  7. Focos wrc

    Unlock code

    Hey That's no problem. Any idea where or to send it too? Cheers again
  8. Focos wrc

    Unlock code

    Hey Anyone able to help out. I need an unlock code for my new ECU. Dealer I bought it from is new and not been asked it before and now with xmas break looks like I will be waiting. Anyone able to assist in anyway? Cheers
  9. Well all bits have arrived other than my loom at present Just few more questions about above I plan to wire the aim dash to can2 connections. How would I connect the toucan and be able to have the control via it without causing other issues. Read about problems having the 6 pin plug connected for the toucan and trying to use tuning cable at same time.... Is there a way to connect the toucan hard wired and still be able to use all its functions? Many thanks again
  10. Perfect. Thank you. Once it all arrives I am sure I will have more questions.
  11. Hi I have a fury on order along with a aim strada 1.2. Will I be able to use the toucan along with the strada on the ECU ok? I see it has 2 x canbus so have assumed it would. Many thanks (Will prob need assistance once it arrives getting it all to work)
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