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  1. Thanks for going in depth! this is going to make my wiring a little more cleaner to add those sensors to ecu rather than Engine ground. i appreciate the response!
  2. Hey guys. I have some questions for my ECU (NS15+). I read and I need to keep my 12v sensors (Flex Fuel,sr20 CAM sensor) off of the sensor ground on the ecu and to ground those sensors to the engine ground. I read to only keep 5v sensors on the sensor grounds. I was also told to keep my speed sensor (stock s14 2 wire speed sensor) and knock sensor to engine ground. but i was also told different that i can wire my 12v sensors to sensor ground on the ECU. My questions are Can i add my cam and flex fuel grounds to sensor ground even if they are 12v? Can i use sensor grounds for my Speed sensor and knock sensor? thank you in advance!
  3. Ohh m sorry I apologize I didn’t understand at first but I get what you’re saying now. Sorry for the confusion
  4. Reason why I’m adding my own is because I want to use the on board Map sensor as my boost map sensor. And then have the GM external sensor as my Baro sensor
  5. Hey guys I’m almost ready to lay out my harness and start calibrating sensors. I have a question about the MAP/Baro sensor I bought. It’s a GM 1 Bar sensor that I want to use as my BAP/Baro sensor on my ecu. Is a 1 bar good enough to use as my Baro?
  6. So my alarm has a wire that says “ground when armed” you connect that wire to a dedicated DL channel and when ground output is activatedby the alarm, the anti theft feature should be active?
  7. I was reading that the Link ECUs have a security feature to connect your existing or aftermarket alarms via canbus. I can’t find any additional instructions or info on what this means. For example, I want to hook up my Viper 5706 alarm to my ecu. If that’s not compatible, I want to know what alarms are compatible with this security feature so I can utilize it. thanks in advance
  8. Oh awesome I’ll put mgp on the table. Thank you!
  9. Hey guys Im building an engine harness for Link NS15+ for my Sr20 and I am making a Milspec engine harness for it. I have all of my sensors that I will be adding but last time I need is to add a rotary potentiometer so I can switch between Boost or rev limiters or anything that I want to switch from street use to road racing use. I want to know how I can wire it up so it’s ready for the tuner. What output/inputs needed to make a rotary switch work to control my ecu. thank you!
  10. I didn’t get the read the full thread but I did want to give my input on my experiences I just had with my racepak. I have a racepak IQ3 street dash (has a can high and low on the 34 pin connector) I was having trouble with it communicating with my Link NS15+. It was actually communicating fine but my channels weren’t displaying from the ECU to the dash. I had to get the USB that came with my dash and I had to uninstall the software and reinstall the software but also you have to download ALLL of the IQ3 dash configurations in the initial download. My problem was because I did not download the file that said something like “all other IQ3 configurations” that was on the USB. That file has the Link ECU configuration. After i reinstalled the software with all of the IQ3 configurations, all of the Link G4+ channels appeared when I configured both CAN settings on each device which was really easy considering I never had experience with any of this. You do have to make sure both ECU and Dash are updated to latest software I believe hope this helps with your situation!
  11. for some reason i cannot find the BAP. right now i have the on board set as MAP and i set up an external Baro. im not tuning at the moment but building my basemap. I dont know if i have to have the ECU connected to the computer or to the car in order to tune the baro. I figured i would be able to see a table for baro. Still getting use to all of this tuning software actually i found the Runtimes tab. i had to make the new tab. how does baro tune for altitude? does this get tuned by the tuner?
  12. UPDATE! So i have connected my Racepak IQ3 street dash finally after 3 days of tinkering around with the software. Turns out that when i installed the program from the USB Drive, I needed to download all other data for IQ3 dash configurations. It wasn't giving me the EFI channels for the Link ECU configuration. I followed the steps on Racepak's Datalink2 software to configure for link (emailed tech support) and then i configured Link with the instructions that Adamw posted above. I have only tested water temp and TPS so far. I have not checked if everything else works because I haven't finished setting up the ECU. i need a few more sensors before i start up the car. I appreciate the help!
  13. Thank you. I will give it another try tomorrow when I turn the ecu on. I have the newer street dash so I have the high and low on the 34 pin. I have wired it up directly to link can 2 plug using shielded 22AWG twisted pair. I will update tomorrow after trying to set up
  14. Hi guys I wanted to make a post because I don’t see anything on the internet to steer me into the right direction. I have a Link NS15+ ECU and I want to connect a Racepak IQ3 street dash using the CAN high and CAN low on the 34 pin connector. I have spoke to Racepak and they said I need to configure the dash to Link G4+ which I have already done. I also was told i have to do more to the racepak settings. I don’t know how to configure the Link ECU to connect to the racepak in PCLink Can settings. is there any way can someone tell me how to connect the dash to the Link ECU thank you!
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