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  1. remski2

    Rpm Stutter

    Hi. I've been trying to hunt down my rpm "stutter" for few weeks now with no luck. I happens while in 1-2nd gear at around 1500 rpm. Attaching map and a log. Thanks. Remi Oct.14__Crank_enrich.plus20.pclr Log 2019-10-14 1;21;53 pm_run_home.llg
  2. remski2

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    Thank you for clearing it up for me. Remi
  3. remski2

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    Ok.. Now I am confused. I've looked at bunch of maps and it varies between 6 and 13Khz I cant find anywhere where it says if its a second harmonic sensor or not. Looking at your knock block manual its supposed to be 6Khz.. (since my engine is USDM 2005 ej257) Which one really is it ? Thanks Remi
  4. remski2

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    I see what you mean by "second". I'll change the seettings to 12K then Now.. for the no change on different frequencies.. is that normal ?
  5. remski2

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    There was always only one.
  6. remski2

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    My is from 2005.
  7. remski2

    Subaru Knock 6-13Khz

    Hi. I am pretty sure that the knock on my ej257 is supposed to be set to 6Khz (narrowband). Looking at the math from the manual Knock Resonant Frequency (Khz) = 1800/(3.14 * piston diameter in mm) 1800/(3.14*102.5) = 5.59Khz I went through the knock setup exercise in this post.. While the car was stationary I was holding throttle at ~2000rpm and changing through 4-16Khz setting in the Freq Channel. (my gain is 5) There was no significant change in the knock reading between all of them. Always ranging from 30-80. What gives or what am I doing wrong. I've done pulls and I've seen higher reading when on boost though. Attaching my log and map file. Thanks Remi Oct.07.Knock_tests.pclr knock_run_2.5K.llg
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