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  1. What's your settings look like for the pump.
  2. Hi. Take a look at this diagram and your wiring, maybe this is the issue.
  3. Hi. I've utilized all my Engine protection features but I have few unused tables. GP1 (oil pressure protection RPM limiting) GP2 (fuel pressure protection RPM limiting) RPM and MAP limits. I've enabled 4D Ignition table and set it up on MAP vs AFR.. where if AFR drops Ignition timing will be removed. Is it ideal.. no but at least it wont detonate your engine if you go really lean on boost. What you guys think ? Activation is on Virtual Aux 8 with throttle < 60%. (as on decel it did hit the cells)
  4. Are you running methanol ? Your fuel presssure sensor is scaled to 160psi .. just making sure it is 160psi one. Your TP and AP are all over the place without any rpm change. Your coolant temp drops very quickly after the engine shuts off.. I mean could be the thermostat opening.. but just odd. ECU is cutting Ignition thinking you changing gears. I'd make sure you have your throttle wired correctly and that its actually moving. (polarity ?) Disable things like boost, gear detection.. anything not needed and see if anything helps. I'd go as far as unpluging it from ECU as you seem to have an error. Run a scope check to make sure you triggers are correct. Check grounds as well.
  5. To me it looked like you need more fuel in the main fuel table. Than again, your log does not extend to normal operating temperatures. Glad it helped.
  6. Start by adding 10% in your fuel map. Your post start enrich should go to 0 , then your warmup enirichment should kick in and eventually go to 0 once the operating temperature is reached. (look at the image attached .. its from Link manual) Depending on engine but I keep my AFR around 13.5 for post start and warmup, tapering off to 14.7, once either your 02 correction kicks in or you reach your normal operating temperature. Post start enrich table is Coolant temp vs. % of additional fuel. The Help section has a nice write up as to what happens in steps.
  7. Seems like you need more fuel. AFRs are dropping to 17 and engine is cutting off. From what I see the only reason it runs again is because "Post Start Enrich" seems to go up instead of down.. (which is odd)
  8. remski2

    Thunder ECU erratic TPS

    Here is what I noticed. Your accel enrichment is kicking in at very low TP delta. Increase your deadband so it stops from happening. Your TP seems to be relatively stable at idle where the accel is not kicking in. Start with 0.8 % and see if that helps..
  9. I think I found your problem.. Hopefully your engine is still intact.
  10. Have you configured your boost mode ?
  11. Your rpm ignition cut could have been caused by the Trig 1 error. You could try lowering the voltage for "Trigger 1 Arming Threshold Table" at 4-7K rpm from 5V to say 3V and see if things improve and errors go away.
  12. No. Level was good. Hook it up to a laptop and download the NCH software. Make sure its charged if you havent. Maybe thats your problem ? I find it that 1/4 turn on the gain is just the right level in my laptop without clipping the audio.
  13. I found out that recording the audio works much better. Old link manual has a step-by-step procedure how to graph the knock and focus on the areas of interest. http://www.enginelogics.com/wp-content/uploads/pdf/knockblock.pdf (Staring section 3.2.2) You might want to play around with frequency filters and speeds once you have a sample. I had audio split, feeding the Link software and the NCH software but I cant really distinguish the knock by just looking at the Link graph. So now I just record and analyze in NCH only.
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