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  1. Xencer

    Unlock Code

    They finally got back to me with the right code, they were not even using the code generation so idk where they got the code from. Thanks though.
  2. Xencer

    Unlock Code

    Yeah, I've gotten in contact with the vendor and he has sent me a wrong code, I got another one and it is still wrong. I don't understand how this is hard to do.
  3. Xencer

    Unlock Code

    Hi, I bought a PnP ECU for an e36 from my friend who had some buddies becoming vendors, I did not know an unlock code was required so I did not get it at the time. I was wondering if I could be given their contact information. I am not sure if they are even vendors anymore but the Link ECU serial # is 3007. If you could get me in contact with them so I can get an unlock code that would be great, thanks!
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