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  1. Thanks Adam. Much appreciated!
  2. hi all, Supernewbie here with another question!! Car is tuned and runs great. So happy with the no fuss easy install with the G4+ Car is a VL Rb30 which is now running 6 x ls1 coils. I'm still using the factory crank sensor for trigger but now the factory RPM tacho is not working. Is there a way i can get this to work? The factory RPM tacho was receiving a signal from the original 1 coil setup, now running 6 coils if i do the same I'm assuming the RPM tacho would read much 1/6 of what it should... I should also mention that with 6 coil setup, boost solenoid and FPS I've used up the outputs (i think). I would like to keep it all but willing to sacrifice as no tacho is annoying. Unless there is an aftermarket unit i can adapt to get the factory tacho working? thanks in Advance!
  3. thanks all for your help!!!!! Much appreciated.
  4. Hi all, I've purchased my ECU and 2x XS looms to wire in the following (sparky will be doing the wiring, i'm just making sure i give him all the materials to to the job) 6x LS1 coils boost Solenoid Fuel pressure sensor After doing as much research as i can, i seem to think i have run out of aux outputs and can only choose either boost solenoid or fuel pressure. Have i missed something? Also, what is the below connector (highlighted yellow)? Listed under 'additional sensors'. Thanks in advance, Adam (from Melbourne)
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