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  1. Nobody can help me
  2. Everything works except for the DSC. (MK60) DSC would be very important that it works. Can anyone help me with that Still have the problem that he almost dying while steering in the stand. Idle ignition I have stepped in 3 degrees
  3. can anyone help me with this injector? Need the deadtime for my link g4 + Xtreme
  4. works very well Only the oil level is not correct, the only looks through timer. I still need steering. When steering in idle the speed goes down sharply. Where I leave it idle I know. but he does not recognize the signal from the steering
  5. Thank you very much The oil temperature, speed and water temperature work. engine control light does not work as well as water temperature light oil level? switching lightning does not work yet. Picture attached
  6. Hello everybody Have a BMW e46 330ci with M3 instrument cluster. ECU is an Xtreme. I've set the can mode mini r50-r53. some works well. Unfortunately, the oil temperature in the M3 tacho not. but that would be very important for a turbo engine. synonymous, the dsc mk60 does not work what I would be important. In addition, it shows the steering position of the runtime misc. Unfortunately, the engine almost dies from me when I steer the stand. Is it possible to integrate the steering during idling without input directly? can someone please help me my English is not good. Take the translator thank you
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