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  1. Vehicle speed controller runs via can bus. have the multifunction steering wheel how do I set that at xtreme
  2. have a vacuum pump with this it goes to the vacuum accumulator and then via the MAC valve to the vacuum box when the mac opens, the pressure is no longer reduced. therefore the table must be different or?
  3. I converted my boost pressure control to negative pressure. Have a MAC 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA valve. how do I set up the table to run close loop boost. The control unit is xtreme
  4. Poseidon

    can bus xtreme

    installed an m54b30 engine, not the s54b32 don't understand how to set it up
  5. Poseidon

    can bus xtreme

    have the ignition table already sharper idle close loop anyway when maneuvering it sometimes dies idle ignition table warm 14 degrees -100 rpm 18 degrees +100 rpm 9 degrees
  6. Poseidon

    can bus xtreme

    Works great how can I now use the steering as a digital input that is taken into account at idle speed? i need that for traction control
  7. I did that too but instead of ect I took oil which makes more sense. unfortunately DSC and steering angle does not work
  8. Poseidon

    can bus xtreme

    who can help me, am desperate. steering I have a signal, but the wrong one. there is also something wrong with the wheel speed
  9. have a bi turbo and have two wastegates. Motor 1 and motor 2 would then be wastegate 1 and wastegate 2. On S4 and S5 to xtreme output 1 and output 2 the giver from the wastegate in a table what controls the outputs of the xtreme
  10. got this wastegate on the turbo from bmw n55b30 how can I control it with the xtreme g4 +
  11. Trigger -324 Ignition coils vw audi NGK 48041
  12. Everything works except for the DSC. (MK60) DSC would be very important that it works. Can anyone help me with that Still have the problem that he almost dying while steering in the stand. Idle ignition I have stepped in 3 degrees
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