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  1. Thanks hopefully get it to the tuner next week
  2. could someone please tell me if this looks right and if I have polarity correct.. aswell as have a quick look through the base map jeepjz1.pclr
  3. I know once running I can drop down to 18-20 but I have put cranking enrichment up to 150% but won’t start while at 18-20ms will check with a timing light tomorrow
  4. All sorted goT it to run. Has a good miss though and will only start with a master setting of 35 or higher...
  5. Why do my injector or ignition drivers not turn on all other out outs that are setup turn on but not those.. they test fine
  6. 1&4 2&6 3&5 i am pretty sure the same way they are from factory
  7. With this map are you usin two groups of three injectors, or three groups of two injectors and how do I change this to be three groups of two. As my ecu is wired for three groups
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