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  1. anyone know where to buy the 5 pin CAN plug? located in Australia.
  2. -yes ill go with this option, save some wiring in the bay, cheers mate, let me know
  3. Hey guys, new to the link ECU, (finally sold my haltech gear and changed to link after multiple rocker arms fails) in the process of installing, I was told i could use all my haltech MAP, IAT, WIDEBAND, RACEPACK DASH etc.. with this ECU (s15 link plug in). i also have the eflex sensor, oil temp sensor, and was hoping to install oil pressue as well It seems the MAP sensor needs to be into An volt 3, can this be wired into the header pin old AFM wiring? or it seems to be needed to get the expansion harness, or is all is needed is to run a boost line off the manifold to the fitting
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