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  1. I believe the bottom picture shows the peak and hold waveform?
  2. Cool, that's great information, thanks. I had been leaning towards a fixed opening with longer time to close, now I can set it for an earlier opening. It's not just a random pwm module, it's automotive specific and has many setup options to suit many applications. I have the English version of the manual if you like to have a look? This is just a temporary setup for now. I fully intend on installing a link next year. I'm just trying to learn more about the fuel delivery system and diesel tuning in general. I'm an industrial instrumentation and Control systems technician, so I have a good grasp on electronics, Its the diesel pump part that is new to me.
  3. My plan is to use the ssr to switch the spill valve to 0v, controled by a link ecu that will replace the oem ecu. I've been told by link that any of the ecu's can perform pulse wave modulation. I'll be using a basic engine control pulse wave modulator until I make the upgrade to link. I just want to do sufficient research before I upgrade. Its my first diesel engine.
  4. I'm looking at intercepting the blue section between 7 and E6. I'm going to take the original pulse width and extend it as required. Why will a SSR not be compatible?
  5. Yeah I've done a bit more research and more thorough reading and gone ahead and ordered a Crydon SSR and a diode. I'm modifying the pulse to the spill valve relay, just as the oem computer did. It just seems easier. I haven't thought of cutting it out and directly controlling the spill valve to be honest. I guess it could be done to simplify the circuit. It's a Toyota Surf kzn185 1kz-te.
  6. Hi Does anyone have crydon product specs/model numbers and diode specs for this? I'm looking at modulation of a spill valve relay for a diesel pump off a Toyota Surf 1kz-te. Should pull around 12A. Thanks
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