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  1. the problem is that the car is going to idle well I can even accelerate it to the cut without problem but at the time I do a driving test the car does not run more than 60km / h because it runs out of power. There is also a very strong engine shake as if it had the unbalanced wheels coming from the engine starting 1500rpm drive test. the engine is fine because it is exactly the same as with the ecu stock so I think it could be a failure in ignition table It may be possible that you are very advanced / late ignition and do that? How can I know that? thanks
  2. If the trigger offset is correct, the light stays at 0 degrees with the strobe gun in tdc mark and I am not having explosions from the intake It's a turbo engine but I'm currently trying to tune it without a turbo so I can move the car to another place Would that board be worth my car? I attached a photo above the one that has attached me and below the one that I currently have thanks!
  3. thanks I had a problem in my solenoid and now it works correctly I went to test the car and it works very badly, there is a very strong vibration of the engine as it does not work properly and has no power I tried to deactivate the variocam and it seems to be a little better but I don't get an ignition table for my engine Is there any way to know how many degrees each box has to have or to know when the engine starts to knock? I don't know from what point to start thanks
  4. Thanks for the help I have been adjusting the ignition based on the 5º of the manual and the 35º at maximum rpm that I have seen that some coach quotes in the porsche 986/996 variocam engines How can you see it as a starting point to move the car and try a driving test? On the other hand I can not fix the idle problem as you can see in the photos is very low I have tried to increase the work of the idle valve but I do not see that it has an effect on the air flow and therefore at higher rpm I am doing something wrong? Thank you
  5. Thank you I attach a couple of captures but I don't understand why the workshop manual says 5th cnk while at 5th the car works very badly. I currently have it at 25º to maintain an idle that seems stable but I don't know if the time I have can be dangerous or is correctly. I also don't know how I can adjust the time reliably Thank you
  6. hanks I managed to keep it in idle and accelerate it well The variocam advances 25º the base map from about 1400rpm, should it delay something on the ignition map telling that the variocam will advance these degrees? or how should I adjust it I am afraid of going on too much ignition because of the variocam Thank you!
  7. my problem is that I do not know how to make the ignition table I do not know where to start as a reference because the car starts but if I release the accelerator it stops and just responds I don't know how to start to keep it in idle Thank you
  8. Hello if I have already done this (attached image). I found the engine tdc and coil 1 is already firing when the cylinder is up The problem is that once the car has been started, I can't find how to keep it active without turning it off. Thank you
  9. Hi! Thanks for aswering I have attached the pclr I have set the base time to 5 degrees to try. According to the porsche manual I understand that the base time is 5.3 degrees btcd. Would my adjustment be correct? porsche ultimo.pclr
  10. Hi everyone and thanks for this space to ask questions. I'm trying to boot my porsche 986 2.5 of 99 with ecu storm I have trouble keeping the car in idle since it works very badly and stops I am a little lost in how to adjust the base time and which one corresponds. I currently have the following: What would be a good starting point for this engine? Thank you
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