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  1. It certainly is an odd one. My best guess is that the ignition drivers/circuitry is fine, but there may be a defect in the "A" header itself causing an intermittent connectivity failure - perhaps a cold solder joint where the header pins connect to the circuit board? This might explain why moving the ECU around and removing & reinserting the connector had some impact on the behavior. I'd probably opt to send it to the NZ HQ for testing, unless you guys tell me you're confident that the USA support office has the capability to thoroughly inspect it for soldering or circuit board defect
  2. Of course, why do you ask? Below is a partial screen shot of the trigger scope trace from repeat test #1. I'd post the logs here, but they were too big to attach, so I linked them on a Google share.
  3. Ok, I repeated the tests again, this time using the trigger scope capture correctly. Results as follows: #1 - Repeated test with G4+ secured in its bracket, fuel pump fuse removed so car won't start/flood - CAS triggers look pretty good to me, see linked log trace here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nGLm1EYB0MYAOXjyY8gtjrYhJA30_UWV/view?usp=sharing Next I ran the functional test for the 4 coils again; this time around coil output #2 and 4 were firing consistently, but #1 was intermittent (started dead, then started firing), and #3 was dead the whole time. Instead of relying on the
  4. Yes, that's correct - only difference was the removed fuel pump fuse and the ECU & loom laying slack on the floor rather than being mounted and tucked under the kick panel where it would normally be. Haven't had a chance to repeat the successful test, will get to that tomorrow. I'm only clicking capture once, but perhaps I'm doing it wrong - I've been hitting the capture button just prior to turning the key and cranking the motor, so I expected the trace to show just noise for the 1st second or two before the cranking starts. Should I wait until the engine is cranking to hit capture i
  5. Well after spending a big chunk of the weekend troubleshooting my wiring harness, and finding no failures there, I'm now thinking something must be broken in the G4+ ECU. Here's what I've done to troubleshoot so far: 1 With ECU disconnected from the loom, I did end-to-end continuity tests of every wire/circuit in the harness, paying special attention to the CAS triggers and coil wiring since it's a no-spark issue. No opens or questionable connections were found anywhere. 2. Since the ECU had to be removed, and the harness partially extracted from where it runs from the kick pane
  6. Another update - I take back what I said about seeing zero RPMs while cranking and doing the trigger scope capture. Did the test over, and it turns out the G4+ was reading a pretty normal cranking RPM (250~280 RPMs) while I was taking the trigger scope trace. Trigger scope trace looks the same as what I posted before though, so not sure if I'm using the software correctly and getting a good capture.
  7. ^That's highly likely, given the pin-out arrangement on the 2 Link connectors and how I organized the grounds on the harness. Both the trigger/CAS inputs and the TTL triggers for coils 1 - 4 reside on the "A" connector, so there is likely a common failure point.
  8. Yup, zero RPMs is what I'm seeing while cranking, so I'm going to test the CAS wiring. If the wiring is all good, and I have good CAS sensors, I should see a resistance of between 950~1200 ohms between each trigger pin and trigger ground pin on the "A" connector with it disconnected from the G4+. But I'm still not understanding why when I put each coil output into test mode, they all failed to fire? Does the coil output test do more than just test the output side of the ignition circuits (i.e., just from TTL coil trigger to spark output), or does it also look for good continuity on the VR
  9. Here's an update - results of trigger scope. Looks like I have a wiring issue to wring out, both of the CAS sensors just show some noise while cranking, see capture.
  10. So my FD has been running well with a G4+ Fury for quite some time now, and yesterday I had a sudden no-spark issue after the car was idling for a few minutes. Started pulling out of the driveway and it died before reaching the street. I have solid compression and fuel, so suspecting spark, I hooked up my inductive timing light and cranked - no flashes on any of the plug wires. Plugs & wires are new, so I should have been seeing regular flashes while cranking. Since I had the laptop already hooked up for logging w/PCLink, I decided to put each coil into test mode to see if they fire,
  11. Well I think this problem is solved! Took a few drives yesterday & today and had a look at the data. This was after just changing the "I" gain for the E-throttle as Adam suggested. Bottom line is the TP/target error accumulator doesn't go any higher than 10 now, and most times it stays at zero. In fact the only time it rises above zero is when I use the cruise control - the blip you see in the time plot image below occurred right after I hit the "cancel" switch on the cruise control (cruise was set at approx. 60MPH at the time), and I took over control of the accelerator pedal. I'll get a
  12. Ok, so then change the "I" gain in the e-throttle settings from the existing 0.125 to 0.05 and do some testing, and if that doesn't improve things, drop the existing "P" gain from 7 to 6.5 as well. For testing to see if the changes are trending in the correct direction, I was thinking I should drive the car with the cruise control, which seems to be a factor that instigates the instability, and see what the TP/target error accumulator data tells us - lower #'s being better. Sound like a plan?
  13. Excellent, thanks for the help Adam! I attached the tune file I was running at the time, looking forward to any PID suggestions you may have. Baseline Tune -v1 (post rewire - AS-IS v4 9-21-2020).pclr
  14. Hi Adam, I got lucky today and managed to get the code 73 error to repeat. Here's a link to the ECU log on Google drive with the data you requested: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fWPveBln3SQHru_cT-2_SkuL0Wa5fRps/view?usp=sharing I recalled that while I was previously testing the cruise control function, the code 73 error would be more likely to occur, so that's what I did to try to instigate the error today - toward the end of the log, I set the cruise control at a set speed, cancelled & resumed cruise, and not long after that the code 73 occured. It was accompanied by a code
  15. Got it, thanks - I'll set up the ECU logging as described and share a log next time it acts up.
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