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  1. Changing the divider from 10 to 1 sorted the issue and it now reads the same as the Fury - many thanks!
  2. Think you've nailed the culprit - its set to Multiplier 1 and divider of 10, so it's dividing everything by 10 at the moment, which is exactly what I"m getting. I'll report back when I've had my morning pint of coffee. Cheers!
  3. Got a bit of a weird issue with a Fuel Pressure figure in an Ecumaster ADU5. The sensor is a Link PS150 and uses the Cal4 table in the Link Fury - the ADU receives all it's data via CAN using the Ecumaster default 'LinkECU_GenericDash.canx' file. When the ECU sees 50psi - the ADU reports 0.49psi. I can see that I can edit the Multiplier and Divider for the Canbus input 'ecu.fuelPress' - but I cannot edit the decimal places - which it seems is all I need to do. I have zero experience with any of this - so treat me like an idiot. Thoughts? Cheers!
  4. Many thanks for the reply! I think it's going to be worth fitting the 36-1 wheel in the long run. Cheers again.
  5. Evening all, I'm currently running a Fury with the original factory Weber P8 trigger setup - 4 point Crank trigger and a 2 point pickup for the Cam trigger. I have the opportunity to swap to a 36-1 crank trigger and a single point Cam trigger. Can anyone give their opinion on whether the higher resolution Crank trigger and single pickup Cam trigger would be the better route to go down over the original setup? Is there going to be any noticeable difference to drivability? Thanks in advance!
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