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  1. Thanks to your help, I finally have it starting and running quite well. I have decided at this time that I am not going to update the firmware(I'm just doing this to try to help out a friend and don't want to get buried in this if I have to start from scratch). I know, I know... What are "normal" post start enrichment numbers? Mine range from 38-28% from 30-60*C. Seems high to me.
  2. I will update firmware and try suggested changes. Could you kindly look at my Idle Ignition Tables of Base map5 vs Base map6. Somehow they have gotten to be very different? Should I use the Base Map5 numbers for my idle Ignition Table? base_map.5.pclr base.map.6.pclr
  3. I have made the suggested changes. It goes down the road great! Many thanks. The hot start is still leaving much to be desired. It starts a bit fast then idles up and down for some time, it may stall. I tried switching back to closed loop idle, it stalls easily. I recently turned off Ignition Idle Control, not any better. played around with idle mixture(it idles smoothest at 13.8:1 AFR) and Idle Stepper motor counts. The included log shows a stall and a restart without an ignition key cycle. Any suggestions? Log 2019-12-2 12;03;55 pm.hot.start.surge.stall.llg base.map.6.pclr
  4. So I should just set these fuel numbers similar to -60kpa values?
  5. Thank you for your help. I will try that ignition correction on Monday. The fuel map is set super high around -80 -100 due to it measuring very lean at that point. I have not tried to address that yet.
  6. Thanks to your help I got this thing running acceptably. Now that I have turned the CLL back on my hot starts have a heavily surging idle(at start up) and possible stall. Any suggestions there? Thanks again base.map.4.pclr Log 2019-11-29 2;13;35 pm.restart.surge.stall.llg
  7. Thank you again cj. I totally missed the base fuel pressure setting. It starts and runs again! As far as the injector specs, I see nothing on the outside of the injectors. I am only going off of what was previously input. base.map.3.pclr Log 2019-11-28 4;25;46 pm.llg
  8. I changed the fuel density temperature coeff. to petrol and fuel charge cooling coeff. to 10. But as soon as I change the fuel system type from "none" to "MAP" the engine falls on it's face dead. I had previously tuned the fuel so that it ran reasonably well but obviously I had some base parameters incorrect. Here is a log of when I switched from "None-no FP correction" to "MAP referenced". Do I just need to shift all my fuel numbers substantially to get it to start or am I missing something? Log 2019-11-28 1;37;04 pm.llg
  9. Thank you for the info. I will correct these things and try again. This car barely ran when it came to me, things are slowly getting better :-)
  10. Hello First post. I am working on a 199x Lotus Elise S1with the original Rover K-series that has been turbocharged and controlled by G4+ Storm. I have previously adjusted my fuel cells for a decent run but had a very minor tip in hesitation. I then discovered that the Accel Load Axis was set to MAP and changed it to the recommended TPS. Now it does not tip in very well at all and has a huge bog that sometimes the engine cannot recover from until I lift off the throttle. After switching to TPS I have increased Accel Clamp from <20 to 85 and decreased decay from 30% to 5%. Now when warm my log shows an Accel Fuel addition of 85% @ 2700 rpm. Is there a suggested maximum value for Accel Clamp or Accel Fuel? Hopefully my log and map successfully uploaded.(This map does not show a really bad bog where it would not recover until lifting throttle) Thank you for the help base.map.pclr Log 2019-11-27 10;13;50 am.accel.llg
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