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  1. It was a low error, I will reset the limit and let you know. Email sent. Thanks
  2. I cleared the initial codes I had and they didn't come back, so at this stage it looks like my sensor wiring is all working ok. First thing is it is asking me for an unlock code for my ECU. Also I put in all of the initial analog inputs, but I can't see where the Knock sensor input is? I have an e throttle that I set up on this car and the APS all seems to be working and calibrated nicely. The TPS when I move the throttle motor manually (it has a separate linkage that attaches to the ITB's) the value at idle reads at 3.6ish, and is very linear all the way to WOT and it hits 0.0 right at WOT and if I hold it there for a couple of seconds it gives me a code as well. I have tried adjusting the TPS sensor itself, but it seems to be at it's limit. Any suggestions there? Thanks mate
  3. I would not be the least surprised that I stuffed up pinning a sensor The 74 code came up as soon as I logged on to the ecu. I will clear the codes and let you know how I go. Thanks again.
  4. Fantastic. It is amazing how much better the ECU works with the grounds connected I now have fault codes 74, 23 and 26. I think I must have a sensor wired incorrectly, so I will start trouble shooting through them.
  5. Awesome I will go through and do some more checks and let you know how I go. Thanks mate
  6. Let me establish first that I am a complete beginner at all of this, but I have spent a long time wiring up my new engine build to the ECU and I have just tried to connect for the first time. First question is which is the tuning port and which is the serial port (I assume for dashes etc). My Thunder has one with a red rubber ring around it and one with black but the tuning cable fits into both and I can't find any documentation saying which is which? That said, I have tried connecting from both and have had no luck. I am in the process of trying to reinstall the latest software, but the on I was using was only downloaded a couple of months ago. I have checked that there is power coming to the 14v input on the ECU and the Green Ground Out has Ground (the black Grounds do not). F3 gave me the error, and I have gone to the Options/Connection. I tried changing the first option from Manual to Auto and on the main screen it just says 'searching'. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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