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    N350+ problems

    Well there is a significant signficant lag between when the link G4+ turns on the high speed fans. Like.... a serious lag.
  2. dallas

    N350+ problems

    Trying to get my car setup for my tuner and needless to say I am getting very frustrated with this PNP. Purchased LC-2 wideband and read elsewhere in this forum to tap into pin 16. I tapped into 16 on the big header and cannot get a signal from the wideband. On top of that my coolant temp sensor is now not working accurately and has overheated my engine. Can someone please help me out. What is a good pin to use for wideband 5v from my controller? I also would like the instructions for getting my VDC and ABS lights off my dash.
  3. dallas

    350Z+ G4+ questions

    also have vdc/slip/RAS lights on. Also 12v AN error. Please send me info needed to fix VDC. Also any info needed for tuner. Also what auxiliary cable is needed for extra inputs etc. I want to have everything ready for my tuner. If there are recommendations for accessories please feel free to share. 2006 G35 single turbo Dallas
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